Grad stayed on course on the court, in life

It’s certainly a high compliment to be considered a “fantastic kid,” and that’s what people think of Jordan Roberts.

“I just have a good attitude in school every day, and doing my work and staying positive,” said the Des Allemands resident.

As a Hahnville High School senior, Roberts has been a member of the basketball team throughout his time at the school. But there was a time when basketball wasn’t everything to him.

“I’m a singer, too,” he said. “Singing was my first passion and then basketball.”

But during high school, basketball jumped to the forefront.

“Basketball is just what keeps me moving everyday,” said Roberts. “Without basketball, I’d probably be a totally different person. Every day I play basketball and I’m really committed. I just love everything about it.”

He was a member of the HHS boys’ basketball team for four years.

Roberts’ coach, Yussef Jasmine, said he was impressed with the senior, calling him “an amazing kid.”

“I just have a good attitude in school every day, and doing my work and staying positive.”   — Jordan Roberts

“One of the great attributes of Jordan is he works so hard,” Jasmine said. “He loves the game of basketball … always wants to stay late and come early.”

Jasmine was equally impressed with Jordan’s ability to learn the lessons and apply them.

“Basketball is a fast game,” he said. “You have to think on the fly and some of Jordan’s disability was special education and this never mattered to him. Jordan just doesn’t quit. He’d come into the office and ask questions … ‘Coach, can I talk to you for a second?’ and he’d go throughout the school with a clipboard reviewing plays. He’s still out there functioning. Nobody treats him special like that.”

Roberts’ classes were inclusion, but Jasmine said his perseverance sets him apart. He’d stay in the gym all day and play basketball.

“At the varsity level, he was a hard worker,” he said. “It didn’t really manifest to a lot of minutes in the game, but he just wanted to play. He’s a well-mannered kid, and that’s one of the great attributes of all.

“He was always supporting his teammates. He was a great kid to have in the program.”

Jasmine said Roberts’ future is bright with his determination and constant push to achieve.

“I think Jordan’s story is a great one because so many other kids who have a lack of playing time just quit,” he said. “But he appreciates working as a team and working with people who care about him, as well.”

Roberts has his eyes set on trying out for the basketball team at Delgado Community College in New Orleans. He hopes to start at the college in August.

“I feel I’m good enough to play for the team, but to go pro I’d have to continue putting in the work,” he said.

Roberts also passed the Customer Service certification test in the Principle of Business.

He’s contemplating a degree in hospitality, but hopes he can combine that with being on the basketball team at the college.

“To me, I really love shooting. I shoot every day.”

Jordan Roberts

  • Jordan Roberts plays basketball and is a singer.
  • Roberts calls basketball his passion.
  • He was named Hahnville High’s Student of the Month for May.
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