Grace period ends for golf cart violators

Sheriff’s Office will issue citations now

St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne emphasized the grace period for issuing citations for golf cart violators is over.

Champagne, who recently updated council members on the status of the new law, said “I’m seeing fewer carts and fewer kids on carts.”

The council approved an ordinance at the sheriff’s request to bring the parish in line with state law enacted in 2015 that states operating golf carts on a public roadway is illegal without a local ordinance. Champagne said safety concerns over this spurred him to act.

The new ordinance made it legal for licensed drivers to operate properly equipped carts on designated parish streets.

The move came with requirements.

Champagne told the council the Sheriff’s Office focused on educating the public that now requires the vehicle bear a sticker with a VIN number to make them more easily identifiable.

The sheriff asked that any golf cart lacking the sticker be reported to his office. So far, the Sheriff’s Office has not issued a citation.

“I think it’s working,” Champagne said. “Everyone’s had fair warning now … time’s up.”


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