Fugitive from St. Charles Parish nabbed in Florida

Fugitive from St. Charles Parish nabbed in Florida Accused of stealing over $24,000 from work An employee of WMCO Inc. and Randa Corporation, Denise Pepperman, 47, was arrested in Florida after evacuating St. Charles Parish for Hurricane Katrina. Pepperman was wanted on felony theft charges over $24,000 and forgery.A warrant was issued for Pepperman on October 26, 2005 by the St. Charles Sheriff’s Office. After receiving a tip, the Destin Sheriff’s Office located the fugitive where she was booked accordingly and transported to St. Charles Parish and taken into custody.

The warrant was served for Pepperman after it was discovered that she had stolen petty cash and checks from her employer. The subject was in sole control of the company’s petty cash and had access to the company’s checks. During the dates of November 19, 2004 and August 18, 2005, the above subject allegedly cashed forged checks and stole petty cash from her employer.

Pepperman fled St. Charles Parish before Hurricane Katrina and never returned to her place of employment. After further investigation, the management of the company found discrepancies in petty cash and located several forged checks that totaled $24,816.28.

The subject is being held on a $50,000 bond by Judge Chaisson.


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