FEMA trailers staying close to St. Charles just in case, officials say

Just across the St. Charles parish line a white sea of FEMA trailers appeared about a month ago along Highway 90 in Lafourche parish where they are currently being reconditioned and sent back into the FEMA system to help someone when the next disaster happens. Rachel Rodi, spokesperson for FEMA, said the property was selected as a temporary staging and rehabilitation area, which is common practice for the recovery agency to do in areas that are likely to be affected by natural disasters.

“A lot of times they keep forward staging grounds such as this one which are closer to a city that has been or is likely to be affected,” Rodi said.

Storage areas like this one are normally found by contractors FEMA employs to help them facilitate and recover the travel trailers.

At the lot on Highway 90, workers clean, repair and replace components inside of the FEMA travel trailer as necessary. Some are sent back into the FEMA main pool, Rodi said, and the ones that are deemed beyond reasonable repair are auctioned off to the public by the government through the website www.gsa.gov.


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