Duplantis builds largest home on East Bank

With nearly a year of construction under their tool belts, builders continue to chisel away at what has been deemed the largest residential property on the East Bank.

At a combined 34,986 square feet, two stories of dry wall and wooden and metal  beams come together to create this plantation-style home constructed by evangelical Christian minister Jesse Duplantis.

“According to our database, which goes back all the way to 1982, there is no single-family home larger than the one under construction at the corner of Ormond Boulevard and River Road in Destrehan,” said Judy Caillouet, senior permit coordinator for the parish’s planning and zoning department.

The home consists of 22,039 square feet of living space in addition to 12,947 square feet of accessory areas such as outdoor patios and garages.

“The home consists of 25 rooms and two double-car garages,” added Caillouet.

The first floor of the home  has two bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a breakfast room and a music parlor.

The second floor has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, a fun room and a theater.

Duplantis first received attention in the Ormond subdivision when he constructed the Covenant Church, and the headquarters of  Jesse Duplantis Ministries.

Like the new house, Duplantis’ church is also considered to be one of the largest commercial properties on the East Bank, trumping CVS Pharmacy and Winn-Dixie.

The original building permit for the house was filed in December 2007. Construction began in October 2008 by G & R Custom Homes of Metairie.



    • prosperity taken from the sacrificial gifts of gullible people. so very, very sad. he will never know how much damage his greedy, materialistic mindset has done to the unsaved world that we endeavor to win.

        • Jessie Duplantis is a man of God.He’s on the road preaching every day of his life.He’s a Fisher of men.So what he has a big beautiful home.Maybe one day he can enjoy it.But for now he’s doing Gods work.You ought to go to Church sir.You just don’t understand the importance of men like Jessie duplantis and his love and heart for people.God bless him and his beautiful family.I praise God for him.

          • I agree with you Kathy! Jesse Duplantis is a blessing! People don’t realize how much he helps people, he’s payed off mortgages and debts for others out of his own pocket. He’s a brilliant business man because he allows God to advise him. He and his wife Kathy are a rich blessing! I thank God for them and partner with them. My own income began increasing in surprising ways (i realized that I had points on my bank card and redeemed them for gift cards! on another occasion the government found an error on my tax return and sent me money they owed me! The letter said “based on new information we are sending you a credit of …LOL ! ) Sister, we both know the blessings of God. I’m glad you posted what you did 😀

          • Well when I first saw this I will admit a critical spirit was at work. But is was as if a thought that came to me. It was people of the Bible, of who God blessed. Solomon, Jacob, Abraham on and on it goes. God blessed them with material things on this earth! You can’t help no one if your poor and broke. People then will be saying well they must be not doing God’s will because they are not prospering. Not many would listen to someone in rags, broke, and no where to live. Would You? Let God be the judge for if they are doing wrong in God’s eyes a mansion on earth is all that they will have here. What about Job? All his wealth was restored and it was even greater than before, that sends a message that God does want us to have nice things and blesses the people who serve him on this earth!

          • He gets his money from people who want to further the Kingdom of God, not so he can have the biggest house or other material things. Like I heard him say one time, “ you give it to me”.
            I used to like him but he’s gone off the deep end using the money people give him for his own gain. God sees and will deal with him. So sad.

          • People give money for him to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ not build himself a mansion. Is he doing ministry out of his home? if so, that’s a different story. This is so disappointing. I used to listen to him and really liked him but he’s just another preacher who loves money and things, it seems.
            Can anyone explain anything different to me?

          • Thank you! This is so true. Jesse and Cathy have worked for everything they have. So sad there are so many people that don’t know the Bible and what it says about giving. God Bless you.

          • Amen. Jesse risks his reputation every day to do God’s work. He is highly favored by God. Amen.

        • You sound more like a snake by judging what you know nothing about.You are jealous will never go to Heaven unless you live holy. God said it. Go look up the Word holy. You are a sinner in God’s eyes.

        • Randy what you don’t understand is that god also has planted greatness within you. He has plans to prosper you at what you do just as greatly as he has blessed Jesse. If you understood the principles of the Bible concerning gods provision, you would see the roads that lead to his prosperity. Jesse also does great amounts of giving to build churches and supply the poorest of poor nations with aid. If you knew what god says concerning these things, you wouldn’t touch and criticize gods blessing for others and learn to go after his best for you and celebrate god for it.

        • It’s his money. He’s earned it by writing books. He hasn’t taken it from people. He doesn’t function in that way. People know so little but run their mouth about things they don’t understand. A real pity. It’s sinful to ever judge a minister of God. God forbids it. Did you know that?

          • What scripture would you use to say “it’s sinful to ever judge a minister of God.”? Would you use 1 Sam. 24:6, “I will not touch the Lord’s annointed”?

        • First, is it more sinful to judge a minister of God than to judge a non minister—or common person? Or is it just sinful to judge period? I’ll wait….

        • He’s not greedy, I don’t believe. He gives a lot, is what I’ve heard. But has kept back some for himself to build a mansion. Jesus did not have a place to call home. He said He didn’t have a place to lay His head.
          I know the Lord wants us to prosper but spreading the Gospel and living the Life He died for is what are want to live for. Let me know if I’m wrong.

        • He doesn’t take money from anyone. He sows money and reaps money. How many are you winning to God and feeding around the world? Probably none and none.

          • He don’t take money from anyone “NOW” that he gotten ahead, all Pastors start out getting money from their church, they invest it to make more,

      • He has made money on writing, not from donations. He sows millions into other people’s lives by the cost of television teaching. It costs millions per month. How would you like for God to ask you to believe for that much? It’s not for wimps or critics. People who criticize believers don’t know the Word of God. They are also judges, which God says is sinful. They can’t go to Heaven judging and gossiping about others. See Psalm 15. Sowing financially is God’s method of increase. If people don’t prosper from it, they don’t understand how the Kingdom works. Everyone who criticizes God’s Word on prosperity don’t know God’s Word. “I desire ABOVE ALL THINGS that you may PROSPER and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” Our soul has to prosper in order to prosper financially. Do you even know what that means?

        • amen sister ! the scripture is 3 John 1:2 that you mentioned. I agree with your loving and articulate comments. I’m a partner with their ministry and God is blessing me. In all my life I’ve never been so close with God as now. Brother Jesse and Pastor Cathy teach the truth in great love. They are a blessing!!! Thank you too for your wise and kind words! It blessed my heart to read them xo

          • Is he using his house for ministry? He must have a reason for building such a large house?
            Thank you!

      • Actually, he is quite the business man and investor. His financials DO NOT COME FROM THE MINISTRY AND CHURCH. As a fact, he and his wife tithe to the church and take no money for their personal gains. Its funny how people are so quick to judge before even researching if what their own sinful mind congers is truth or of the enemy

        • Why is money all people think of when prosperity is mentioned or reward is mentioned? Money can’t buy love, health, needs met, the gifts of the Spirit, etc….

      • Nothing wrong with having money as long as it doesn’t have you.
        “The LOVE OF….”
        It’s all about seed, time and harvest & perhaps you should try praying for crop failure! I got saved November 8th 1994 & I loved & still LOVE listening to JDM & WHY shouldn’t they have a nice place? Our Dad is the King of kings and the Lord of Lords!!.
        God bless you I’ll pray for God’s will for you. Happy Easter ❣️❣️❣️

    • Jeremiah 23 New King James Version (NKJV)
      The Branch of Righteousness
      23 “Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” says the Lord. 2 Therefore thus says the Lord God of Israel against the shepherds who feed My people: “You have scattered My flock, driven them away, and not attended to them. Behold, I will attend to you for the evil of your doings,” says the Lord.
      ‘AND’…..LUKE 6:24
      “But woe to you who are rich,For you have received your consolation.
      25 Woe to you who are full,For you shall hunger.
      Woe to you who laugh now,For you shall mourn and weep.
      26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you,
      For so did their fathers to the false prophets.

      ‘please’ DO NOT be deceived. God The Father is not mocked. 4 Planes? honestly do you HONESTLY believe what this greedy charlatan has said in justification to the flock about the money tat this plane will cost to purchase? this is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ OUR Lord. WAKE UP. YOU, ARE SLEEPING.

      • you are taking the scriptures out of context if he was a drug dealer what would you say if he was a reality star what would you say if he was an Entertainer but what you say the man grew up poor and now he’s built his dream home

      • I pray for Jesse. After hurricane Katrina he bragged how the Lord said he could build a mansion with that smiley face. Meanwhile, people still don’t have a roof over their head in the aftermath of Katrina. Jesus spoke against serving mammon. You cannot serve two masters. It will mess you up every time. Lord have mercy on us all.

      • Wake up to the Spiritual truth of those Gospels – not what the destroyer plants in your mind as obvious. One day perhaps, the veil will be lifted. He doesn’t have 4 planes…lol the older planes are still serving in other ministries.

        • It is sad reading all this strife and those judging Jesse! This man walks with God like Abraham did. Are You going to criticize Abraham. How about Joseph? Or God Himself? Jesus was not poor. God blesses His children. Jesse paid for people to live in condos after Hurricane Katrina. He gave millions to aid for recovery. I am so tired if people being critical of someone else’s success and wealth. Jesse gives all that Lord ask of him and more. Try being a giver instead of a complainer.

          • How do you know this? Do you live with him or just listen to his messages and read his books? No body said that Jesus was poor, of what I’ve read. But Jesus did say that Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man nowhere to lay His head. He spoke this to a scribe came to Him and said that he would follow Him wherever he went.

            Maybe Jesse build gynormous house to do ministry in. That would be great!

    • What an amazing misunderstanding of scripture. The greatest challenge pastors face today is the materialistic mindset of most Christians which people like this actually encourage. He will never know the damage he has done to the cause of Christ. So very sad!

    • Have you ever even read the Bible? Or do you just listen to the cherry-picked verses that help people like him sell you on making him richer instead of giving to God and those in need like the Bible ACTUALLY says Jesus taught.

    • He’s going to hell,and all of his followers behind him. Jesus never told us to cherish worldly possessions. Because our treasures where in heaven. Duplantis is very materialistic. I wanna see em take all of that with em when he dies. nothing more than ah wolf in sheep clothing! What ah shameful act to sell God to people. And they wonder why the world is the way it is. Maybe he’ll fly his new jet to heaven from hell.

      • God said, I desire ABOVE ALL THINGS that you may PROSPER and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Your soul isn’t prospering and you are a critic. That is sin. You will go to hell if you don’t repent and stop hating and judging.

  1. Please help me to understand,with all the men,women and childen that are homeless, how is it a “blessing from God” and is justifiable that a man and his wife need a 34,986 sq ft, 25 room mansion to live in?

  2. I’m very sad of his Braggie style of preaching! This was never modeled in the Bible! It hurts the authentic Christians message of pride being a sin! I think gluttony is also a sin! He should sell the other three jets and buy it through his congregation. My daughter needs $11,000 for her Missions trip. She is taking a gap year prior to going to college! She is going to Africa for nine months. I would like her to continue raising her money! Please send money to Global Year for Jaqueline going to Africa

  3. The fact that people give money to this clown brings to mind this old saying:
    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” It’s sad to realize that so many people are so gullible.

  4. So only some ones are God’s children? I don’t think so, the bible say if you don’t work don’t eat, this people don’t work and got all the money from his followers, God is not happy with people like him!

  5. Would like to see / know (in detail) what % of hard cash he contributes to the social, emotional & spiritual good of the community as a whole? Other than his lips moving.

    • He is a big giver. I do know that. He invests his money. But I believe the money he invests is the money that’s been given to him by his followers, either by book sales, preaching and offerings.

      • LJ, I think it’s more about judging our own heart and attitudes than about judging others’ actions. God’s Word tells that what we sow (which isn’t restricted to money) is what we will reap and it would be returned to us in good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over. It also said that it would be give to us by me (meaning mankind). We can never receive that which we oppose. We attract into our lives that which we send out. Everyone will have an opinion about this man, you or me. Someone’s opinion of you or me doesn’t mean it’s true. It just reveals that person’s thought/belief, no more no less. I pray God blessed you and you find the peace that you seek concerning this matter.

  6. I am not going to give a bunch of scriptures.
    Where the fruit is… is where the rubber meets the road.
    I have been extremely blessed by God/Jesus. I have everything I could ever need… Yes I worked for 40 years but…. so what.
    When I want something more… I seek My father God my real parent for the blessing and my parent that loves me does provide.
    The bible does teach us how to become wealthy in this life and receive the gift of eternal life.

    As a whole we don’t have a problem with people like Jimmy Page of Led Zepplen buying a Castle once owned by one of the biggest satan worshippers of modern times correct?
    Bill Gates super billionaire that’s ok because he sold us a operating system?

    Let’s not judge people like Jimmy P or Jesse D or Bill G.
    That’s not our Job.
    It is possible to become that wealthy Thru the Gospel.

    Where people send their money is none of my business….. how people spend their money is none of my business … why Jimmy Page lives in a Castle once owned by a satanist is none of my business.
    Why Jesse Duplantis has 35,000sft home and jets is none of my business.
    Let GOD/JESUS Judge.
    If any of us miss use/miss lead the Bible/Gospel for personal gain we will be held accountable.
    If any of us love the world and money more than GOD (and that’s a lot of us)
    we will be held accountable.

  7. Lets not Judge anybody.
    Let GOD/JESUS do that.
    If any one miss uses the Gospel for personal gain they will be held accountable.
    If anyone love’s the world and/or money more than GOD (and that’s a lot of us)
    We will be held accountable also.

  8. Jesus is our example and he was not rich, didn’t even own a donkey. He taught his diciples to go out and not take even an extra pair of sandals or n extra cloak. . Jesus never preached prosperty when He walked the earth.

  9. I accepted Christ into my heart 23 years ago. At the time I had dropped out of college, was a drug addict and was evicted from my apartment. I was homeless, sick, completely broke and hopeless. Jessie has been one of the pastors I’ve followed over the years. His messages has sparked hope in my heart, made me laugh, and kept me believing. Doing my best to live a Christian life, I read my bible and take it as the Living Word of God. I also tithe 10% plus gifts. The tithes and gifts go to where I’m being fed. Over the years portions of my tithe have gone to Jessie. When I first started tithing it was 1 dollar, and it was tough to do. All I know is that God’s system works. I was healed of 15 yr of drug addiction, went back to college and finished a BS and MS degree. I met my wife and have 2 beautiful girls and a Blessed home. I currently have an excellent job, am out of debt, in the best health of my life, and have watched my salary continue to increase above 6 figures and climbing. Praise God!!!
    I couldn’t have done any of it without the Word of God and people like Jessie providing inspiring insight into the Word. All I can say is thank you Jessie. God Bless you in abundance.

  10. If a person makes money from books he has written, why begrudge his success? I personally have drawn inspiration, insight and blessings from listening to his sermons. He is an unpretentious, say it like he sees it tough guy with a heart of Gold that is being used by the Holy Spirit to transform lives for the better in Jesus name. His ministry reaches thousands internationally. Critizers… Do you have something better going on?

  11. I believe that God wants all His children to be prosperous.
    Would you criticise if it was a secular person? No, there is something that bothers people about preachers getting wealthy.
    I preach the gospel I want to buy a car inorder to go preaching from one area to another with a powered speaker. I already have a powered-mixer if I had enough money I would buy a car tomorrow. So preaching the gospel needs God first who will give you money.
    I can imagine if I buy the car as a young man of 26 some of you may be like “what does he need that car for?”
    Prosperity is for all who believe in Christ. Moreover, as Christians churches are instructed by the Bible to use the money for the Kingdom including helping the widows and the poor. Jesse Duplantis does all this things even though they do not announce it publicly.
    I love Jesse Duplantis and he is sure wealthy. Do you know he has invested in businesses. Business are create to produce profit.
    Wealth is for all and it is God that giveth power to be wealthy.
    The benchmark of a prophet or preacher is the Bible.
    Isaiah 8:20
    God Continue to Bless Jesse Duplantis and all that HE has.

  12. Nothing wrong with having money as long as it doesn’t have you.
    “The LOVE OF….”
    It’s all about seed, time and harvest & perhaps you should try praying for crop failure! I got saved November 8th 1994 & I loved & still LOVE listening to JDM & WHY shouldn’t they have a nice place? Our Dad is the King of kings and the Lord of Lords!!.
    God bless you I’ll pray for God’s will for you. Happy Easter ❣️❣️❣️

  13. I am a multi millionaire I have a large house but not that big I love to give to see so souls saved and I do.God Will judge whether he built a bigger house or not what else could that
    money have done

  14. First, I will say if people are stupid enough to give him money for a jet, cards and whatever else he does with the money, oh well. People live in the hood while he lives in a 22,000 ft square home. There are stupid ass people in the world. Just like God want pastors to live well, he wants me to live well as also. They will not live off me.

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