Destrehan High twins lift up family in times of need

Devin and Dylan Scott

When Anne Haydel felt at her lowest, twin brothers Devin and Dylan Scott did what they could to lift her up.

The Destrehan High School seniors helped Haydel, a retired teacher who spent years educating students in the classrooms of Norco Elementary, and her husband Ken, a longtime coach at DHS and a recently retired administrator at Harry Hurst Middle School, in multiple ways over the summer. The first example came when Haydel’s home was flooded after a major rain event deluged her community. The twins, along with their older brother Jerry, went over to her home and helped gut her house, remove the water indoors and help get her back on track. They knew of Haydel’s plight through her granddaughter Kylie, who is teammates with Devin and Dylan on the DHS wrestling team.

But a few weeks later, the Haydels suffered a true tragedy when their son K.J. passed away in early June, at the age of 38.

The twins’ mother, Jodie, had asked the Haydel family if there was anything that could be done to help in any way. Haydel’s son-in-law noted the grass needed cutting. Devin was available – though a bit tired after football conditioning.

“She called me and said they really need that grass cut,” Devin said. “I didn’t ask questions, I just went over there and wanted to help.”

The gesture truly touched Haydel, who said in both cases, the boys refused any kind of payment.

“(Devin) refused … he said his mother didn’t raise him that way,” Haydel said with a laugh, recalling that second specifically. “He was our angel in our time of stress and need.”

Haydel added of their flood aid, “They moved all the furniture. They wouldn’t take any money. They said, ‘This is just what you do.’ I just thought that was really exceptional.”

Both twins echoed the idea that from a very young age, they’ve been taught to be a light for others when times are dark.

“I don’t feel special for doing it … it’s just how I was raised,” said Devin. “It’s not about money, it’s about just helping someone I know. My mom raised me to help people in the community. My older brother really taught us to do good for people, too. And (Kylie) is a teammate, and my teammates are like family to me. I always want to help out members of my family, even if there’s no blood relation.”

Dylan added, “They just needed some help. I gave them my number and said if you need anything, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy. That’s really what he and I focus on, helping people who are having a hard time, especially with this corona stuff.

“She wouldn’t stop thanking us. I felt blessed that we were able to do that for her.”

Haydel said the twins treat her granddaughter like their “little sister,” and that they made her feel like family too.


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