Des Allemands boy is the gift that keeps on giving

Jordan Arnaud came to the Fishing for Frankie Memorial Bass Tournament every year for the last five years and then the Des Allemands 10-year-old did the amazing at this year’s fundraiser.

Jordan won a cut-out, boiling pot paddle bearing the organization’s name at the event’s auction.

“What’s really cool about it is he donated it back,” said Joseph Arnaud, Jordan’s father. “He planned to buy it for $100, but bidding flew to $1,000. It was bought by a man in Lafitte.”

The man then gave this one-of-a-kind paddle to the beneficiary, Blandon Zeringue diagnosed with thyroid cancer, of this year’s tournament who then gave it to the daughter of whom the tournament is named – Luling’s Frankie Champagne, who died from cancer.

Jordan’s gesture went full circle.

“He had everybody crying,” Joseph said.

This was his son’s fifth year at the fundraiser, his parents bringing him to it every year. Jordan saves year round to buy auction items.

“This year, it really stood out and he realized what he’s doing helps somebody in the community,” his father said. “In a way, it’s a surprise for a boy as young as he is, but we’re trying to instill good values and he’s picked it up very quickly.”

As for Jordan, why he does this is simple.

“I want to help people with cancer,” he said of his good deed at the 10th year of the fundraiser.

Jordan is a gift, too.

“He was a miracle. God and Jesus Christ treated us right,” Joseph said. “We were told if we ever had a baby it would be a miracle and we accepted that. Three months later, my wife called me and told me she was pregnant.”

Joseph said their son completes them.

He called his son an “exceptional little man” who helps others. His generosity has also made them feel they’re raising him right. Every year he donates toys he doesn’t play with to needy children.

When he decided to give at Fishing for Frankie, they thought it was wonderful, particularly in memory of his grandfather who died of cancer nearly six years ago.

Lori, his mother, said he’s already saving his money for the next tournament. He’s got $125 already, a donation someone made to give him a head start.

“He’s an honor roll student – usually,” said his mother. “He’s done very well in school and is very polite, and they call him the ‘old man’ because he had an old soul.”


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