Dad goes viral for using Nerf gun to pull tooth

The Conkey family with their family in Luling. Emma Conkey points to the spot where her tooth got yanked by a Nerf gun.

By the time the Conkey family came to Luling for a Christmas visit, they were Internet stars.

A video showing Janie Munch’s grandson, Matthew Conkey, stringing up his five-year-old daughter’s tooth to a Nerf gun and then firing it was going viral. It was Emma’s idea to pull it instead of waiting for it to fall out, but it was Matthew’s idea to use the toy to do it.

“I thought he was so creative in doing that,” said Munch, a Luling native and resident. “He always liked to tinker with different stuff, but that was just too cute.”

When the Conkeys visited Munch for Christmas, little Emma was more than happy to display the now vacant spot in her mouth from where the tooth was yanked. They had traveled from Colorado Springs, Okla., where Matthew serves in the U.S. Air Force.

Although the video revealed their final plan for pulling the loose tooth, mother Brittany Conkey explained Emma and her four-year-old brother, Ryan, initially planned to just yank it out. But she said Emma couldn’t stop laughing so they gave up.

Brittany said Emma came to her, too. But her mother told her she didn’t do teeth, and then Matthew suggested using the Nerf gun for the job.

“My daughter wanted to shoot it with a bow and arrow, but we didn’t have one so he [Matthew] said we could use the Nerf gun,” Brittany said.

On Dec. 15, Matthew tied dental floss to the gun and then Emma’s tooth. Matthew hit the trigger and, in a single shot, the front left, bottom tooth came flying out of her mouth.

“Emma was nervous for a second and then we just shot it out,” Deanna said. “She just started laughing when the tooth came out.”

Brittany said the attention the video has gotten has been surprising.

Someone contacted her about licensing the Nerf gun for pulling teeth, which she declined because this has all been for fun. Emma made the Oklahoma City News, but that thrill is already gone to a five-year-old.

She cared more about the tooth fairy bringing her $10, which went in her piggy bank (dad wanted her to save it and her mother wanted to go shopping). The tooth fairy explained it was all she had left in her wallet after making a visit the night prior for Emma’s older sister.

When the family visited Munch for Christmas, little Emma proudly pointed to the spot where there once had been a baby tooth.


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