Couples who get married at local gas station will get $500 for honeymoon

Doves have been a longtime symbol of marriage and partnership. Thanks to a recent local promotion, so are Birdies of a different kind.

Earlier this month, Birdie’s Food and Fuel announced via Facebook that any couple willing may get married and hold a ceremony at a Birdie’s location, with the kicker being the business will gift the newlyweds $500 to put toward their honeymoon.

The idea was spawned after seeing a similar promotion at another convenience store gain attention. Mike Nabut, general manager of Birdie’s who in 2005 opened the first of several local stores under the banner in Hahnville, said there have been no bites yet, but that the promotion is very real.

“There have been a few people that called about renewing vows, but we figured this is more about finding a new couple and helping out,” Nabut said. “We thought it would be a fun thing to do, and these days especially, $500 toward a honeymoon would go a long way.”

Those interested have been asked to email the request along with their story to

Though there’s been no wedding yet, the idea nonetheless got out there: the original Facebook post had more than 100 comments, 100 shares and 100 likes as of Aug. 29.

Nabut said it caught the eye of Judge Connie Aucoin, who offered her services to officiate a potential union.

“Someone posted it and it started getting shared, so it got a bit of traction,” Nabut said.

There are more than different Birdie’s locations, most of which in the River Region. Nabut said wherever a couple is willing among those, the company can make it work.

“Paradis, Hahnville by the courthouse, wherever … in one phone call, we’ll have it decorated. It’ll be nice. They’ll remember it, put it that way,” Nabut said. “If we put our name on it, we want to make it something special.”

Throughout the pandemic, Nabut has utilized social media in hopes of lightening the mood during a difficult time. He’d hide items outside of different local businesses – maybe a gas card, or a 12-pack of toilet paper – and post a photo to call to customers to find their free item.

“It’s really just trying to find a way to take people’s minds off of the pandemic,” Nabut said.

A Birdie’s wedding would certainly achieve that goal.

“We hear about unique ways people get married, or ask someone to get married. This would definitely be 2020ish,” Nabut said. “Hopefully it takes off. We could do it once a month. Get married, kiss the bride, and drive off with a couple boxes of chicken and $500 dollars,” Nabut quipped.


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