Couple sought in Destrehan pet store bird heist

Theft occurred 2 weeks after man walked out with a fish

After Facebook pictures helped track down a man who made off with a fish from Bayou Pets in Destrehan, the store is hoping a similar tactic will help capture a couple who stole a cockatiel.

Janet Long, the owner of Bayou Pets, said the cockatiel thieves spent nearly an hour in the store and waited until employees were busy before making their move.

“We were really busy and they were over there fooling around near the cages with the big birds. I think that was their first target,” Long said. “Then they walked outside and the man sat on a swing outside and the woman came back in with a backpack.”

The woman took the small cockatiel, placed it against her chest and walked to a back section of the store. Then she shoved the bird underneath her shirt, straightened her clothing and walked out of the store.

Long put pictures of the couple on the Bayou Pets Facebook page and is hoping someone will recognize them. Two weeks ago, Facebook fans of the store helped Bayou Pets get reimbursed by a man who stole a fish.

“The guy came in and got the fish and then walked out without paying. After putting his picture on Facebook, I got a call from a man telling me someone told him that his picture was on Facebook about taking a fish,” Long said. “He told me that he had too much to drink and didn’t realize he didn’t pay – yeah right.”

The man refused to give Long his name, but offered up a credit card number.

“I couldn’t find out who he was, but at least he paid me,” Long said.

If you recognize the couple who took the cockatiel, call 911.


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