Citizens complain about house in Mimosa

Blight of the week

Many citizens are becoming concerned with the occurrence of blighted property and lots that are located within St. Charles Parish because of the negative attention it draws to otherwise unblemished subdivisions and neighborhoods. One such property is located in Mimosa Park subdivision in Luling on Mimosa St.
Blighted property can be defined as property that is over run by high grass or trash and debris, or a property that houses voluntarily abandoned vehicles.

According to the parish’s Department of Planning and Zoning, residents can file complaints regarding blighted property by completing a complaint form at the department’s offices.

Complaints can also be filed by emailing the department’s director, Mike Henderson, at or by phone at 783-5060.

Once a complaint is received, the department will begin an investigation to determine whether or not the property is in compliance with zoning criteria and permitting procedures.


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