Cell phone seized as part of student-teacher sex probe

A week after two Destrehan High School teachers were arrested for allegedly having group sex with a male student, more questions are being raised about possible photographic and video evidence in the case.

A junior student at Destrehan High School told the Kenner Police Department that he and English teachers Shelley Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, met up at Respess’ Kenner apartment after a football game on Friday, Sept. 12 and had a threesome.

Almost a week after the alleged tryst, school officials were made aware of the incident when the student bragged to classmates. After an investigation by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, Dufresne was arrested last Tuesday and charged with carnal knowledge of a juvenile after allegedly having sex with the then-16-year-old in her Montz home.

A day later, both Dufresne and Respess were booked by the Kenner Police Department and charged with having sex with the teen in Respess’ Kenner apartment.

Kenner police spokesman Sgt. Brian McGregor said the arrests were based solely on interviews with the parties involved.

“[The arrests were based on] the victim’s statement and the statement of Respess,” he said.

Additionally, there are rumors that photographic and video evidence of the group encounter exist.

McGregor said it was the Kenner Police Department’s understanding that at least one phone had been confiscated from those involved and it was being examined by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“We are waiting on St. Charles to see if

there or not. They are doing a forensic exam,” he said.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Pat Yoes said the Sheriff’s Office would not release any further details about possible video or photos of the alleged encounter.

“This is an active investigation. As such, we have no additional information to release at this time,” he said.


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