Boutte pastor happens upon crash, prays with dying man

Wreck claimed life of 32-year-old Des Allemands man

Pastor Don Logan, of Boutte, was coming back from a meeting in Alexandria when the truck in front of him came to a screeching halt while traveling eastbound on Highway 90 in Des Allemands. Logan would later discover that he was only the second person on the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident.

“When I saw him, I realized he was very seriously injured and was likely dying at that moment,” Logan said of the motorcyclist. “Being schooled in the Bible, I just knew that he needed to be ready for death, and so I began to pray for him.”

State police said Wesley Price, 32, was traveling on a motorcycle eastbound on Highway 90 when it struck the curb of the bridge near Louisiana 632. Though Price was wearing a helmet, authorities pronounced him dead at the scene.

Logan, however, said the young man exhibited signs of life, including movement of his hands and a slight opening of his eyes, when he knelt beside him on the pavement.

Logan was a pastor of a church in Shreveport for 30 years before moving to Boutte 12 years ago. He previously taught at the School of Urban Missions in Gretna. Today, he is a volunteer pastor at the Life Fellowship Community Church in Bayou Gauche.

Logan said the crash brought back memories from other fatal accidents to which he had born witness.

“Boy, it just brings back all that emotion,” Logan said.But in spite of the horror that unfolded before him that night, Logan said he “appreciated having that moment” with Price before first responders arrived.

Logan said that the experience further showed him that “God likes to be involved in our lives and directs these things.” He said that any number of factors, including his parting conversation with another minister, could have affected his timing and prevented him from being among the first on the scene.

“It’s important for every person to be ready for death. That’s the final exam that we’re all facing because we’re all going to face the judge of the universe some day,” Logan said.

Authorities said that Price’s crash remains under investigation.


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