Benefits abound at Destrehan CBD shop

The CBD Store in Destrehan

Pain and anxiety relief, skin care among uses for its various products

Craig Jacomine says he feels like he learns something new about the products at his business, The CBD Store in Destrehan, every day from the customers who pass through.

“We really learn more and more every time we’re here at the shop,” said Jacomine of he and his wife, Sherry. “There are so many different things that (CBD products) treat. People with rheumatoid arthritis … forms of lupis, with multiple sclerosis, it can treat the pain that comes with those things. It’s used for skin care, sleep aid, by people with anxiety and ADD … it’s really cool to kind of be in on the ground floor of this industry that’s really taking off.”

The Jacomines established the alternative and holistic health service shop after receiving some inspiration that a bit of first-hand experience provided them. On a vacation with friends, back pain following a recent surgery threatened to limit what Sherry could do the rest of the way. Jacomine came across a CBD store there and recalled reading about what some CBD products could do to relieve pain.

“She was willing to try it. When you’re in pain, you just want it to go away any way you can make it go away,” Jacomine said.

After a little while, her back pain, while not gone completely, had subsided considerably.

“We did some hiking, went out to the waterfalls … things she wouldn’t have been able to do, otherwise,” Jacomine said.

The couple opened the store in February and said the community has been “awesome,” lending a ton of support.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has become an increasingly popular remedy for numerous ailments. CBD is one of the 104 chemical compounds found in marijuana plants, but contains little to no THC, which is the component that causes the “high” sensation associated with marijuana.

That and its many positive effects have made it an appealing option for those looking for pain relief or ways to combat other ailments without utilizing pharmaceutical drugs.

Many who use CBD products, Jacomine noted, are people who have been prescribed opioids and are either unwilling to take them or who are looking to reduce usage of them.

“It’s something natural, used for healing, and at an affordable price point with it free from the pharmaceutical industry,” Jacomine said. “People are looking to these products because they know the long term effects of being on pain pills or some other kinds of medication aren’t good for your body.

“With a pain pill, you can’t work, you can’t function like you normally would. With this, you can do anything you have to. It’s not the same deal at all.”

Studies have indicated CBD oil can be effective as a treatment for both depression, anxiety and insomnia, benefits linked to CBD’s ability to act on brain receptors that regulate mood and social behavior. Other studies have indicated it may help reduce symptoms and side effects related to cancer; reduce acne; and can lower high blood pressure and promote healthier hearts.

“One specific brand we have, I’ve been told, can help children with autism,” he said. “It can lessen the anxiety they have and curb the effects that come with that. Really, we have such a wide range of customers, a variety of people and age groups, and so many of them are regular customers because they’ve found something that positively affects their lives.”

The CBD Store is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. on Sunday. It is located at 1970 Ormond Blvd. Suite B in Destrehan and can be reached at (985) 725-3027.

The CBD Store

  • The CBD Store opened in February of this year, at 1970 Ormond Blvd. Suite B in Destrehan.
  • Benefits of CBD, a plant extract, include combating anxiety, movement disorders and pain.
  • Among items sold at the store are a skin care line that includes: anti-aging skin cream, shampoo, lip balm, body butter, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and anxiety-aids that can assist sleeping issues, bone and joint pains and more.
  • Contact the CBD Store by calling (985) 725-3027.


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