AMPM Celebrating a Golden Anniversary

The answer to business success is no secret. Find a need, fill that need and deliver quality service.

Archie Mollere applied that formula to an idea almost 50 years ago and proved it right. Today, AMPM Services is one of St. Charles Parish’s leading businesses with more than 270 employees and clients who extend throughout southern Louisiana.

“My father, Archie, worked at Monsanto’s Human Resources department when he recognized a need for temporary office workers,” says Greg Mollere, who now owns AMPM. “Back then, Kelly Girls was the go-to business when companies wanted a fill in secretary or receptionist. But that was it. With the large number of industries in St. Charles and St. John Parishes, he capitalized on a distinct need in the area.”

Opening as Industrial Consultants in 1968, the company announced “we can provide assistance day or night, whenever you need it.” Services ranged from filing and typing to cutting grass and staffing a mailroom.

The business thrived, growing and expanding in July 1993 to its current location on River Road in Luling, maintaining a pool of employees who provide payrolled professionals, clerical support, assisting public schools, as well as light industrial services.

“We are a family business in spirit, with the mindset of a large national company,” Mollere explains. “Our clients include almost all of the industrial sites in the River Parishes and area schools.

“By the grace of God we have kept growing, addressing the needs of the ever-changing business and industrial environmen.”

 Mollere joined the family business after playing football for Northeast State University. However, the Hahnville High School graduate started at the bottom of the business.

“My dad asked what experience playing football gave me,” he laughs. “My first assignment was working as a janitor. But I gradually worked my way up. I understand what it takes to fill almost every client need.”

Approaching its 50th year of business this coming August, AMPM has easily kept pace with technology.

“I remember when my dad was a little hesitant to bring a computer into the office,” Mollere recalls. “Can you imagine a time when there was just one computer in an office? Now, everyone has their own – or two – and our employees are well-trained in how to use the latest programs and equipment.”

Mollere emphasizes that keeping up-to-date with modern technology is relatively easy for the company and its diverse employee base.

“The companies we service are usually way ahead of the game in technology,” he says. “Because of our long-standing relationship with area industries, they let us know what’s coming and what they need and we learn together.”

A highlight of working for AMPM is schedule flexibility.

“We have some people who have worked the same site for well over 15 years,” Mollere notes. “But then there are the many who enjoy working for only a few weeks or a few months, perhaps working a schedule that allows them to follow a child’s baseball season or to go back to school for a semester or two. Working in the temporary staffing field is an ideal alternative.”

It’s also beneficial for clients who need assistance for the short-term or until a specific project is completed.

“AMPM provides just the person a company needs for just as long as needed. That represents a significant savings in the time and money for a business,” Mollere says. “It’s hard to believe that we are looking at 50 years of maintaining a successful business.

 “It’s fun to look back over the years and definitely exciting to look forward and imagine what changes will take place in the years ahead. Who knows? We could be helping a company staff offices on the moon.”

Gregory Mollere continues to express his gratitude to each individual that has contributed to the success of this business.

“We want to say thank you to the thousands of people and clients who have worked with us for all these years making our success, without them we would not be where we are today.”


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