Ama family’s viral video reaches 7 million views

The Dempsey family at their Ama residence. Right, William and Weston Dempsey performing in a video that has gotten more than 7 million views to date.

It was a spontaneous moment that created the heartwarming video of an Ama father and son playing music together, but what came next was a real surprise.

“It kind of blew up and we weren’t expecting it,” said Tiffany Dempsey, who made the video and posted it on her Facebook page. “Never in a million years would we expect it to get more than 7 million views.”

The number has now jumped to 7.5 million views and growing.

The video can be seen at It’s viral, capturing the hearts of still more viewers from as far away as Australia and Canada. It was an especially amazing development for Tiffany, who didn’t know her profile was public.

As momentum grew, friends encouraged her to tag the Ellen Show in hopes it would be aired there, too.

“There’s a lot of people contacting us,” Tiffany said. “It’s been overwhelming. We were not expecting this at all.”

So far, no Ellen response, but they’ve found articles about the video on websites like Country Rebel Clothing Store referring to it as “Shirtless dad and toddler son put on home concert with Luke Combs’ hit.”

With 2-year-old Weston dressed only in a diaper and her husband, William, without a shirt, Tiffany was a bit concerned about public response. Instead, the comments are overwhelmingly positive with some saying it made them smile and others saying it made them cry over watching a touching father-son moment.

“That’s our life,” Tiffany said. “That’s all the time. My husband likes to play the guitar and sing, and he’s always playing the guitar.”

She explained they were getting ready to go to sleep when the two grabbed guitars and started singing country singer and songwriter Luke Combs’ “Beautiful Crazy.” It’s one of Weston’s favorite songs and especially so judging by his rocking performance.

In the background is his singing dad, who has an impressive voice and dreamed of being a singer.

In 2009, William competed on American Idol, but he didn’t go national. Judges told him he had a good voice, but appeared too nervous on stage.

“Will’s big thing is performance in front of people,” Tiffany said.

American Idol set him on a different path.

William focused on work at Bayer, although he will sing and play guitar for family and friends – and especially Tiffany.

“That’s how he proposed to me,” she said. “He wrote a song and played the guitar, and at the end of the song he said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and then got down on his knee at Home Place Plantation on River Road.”

Tiffany considers herself lucky to have William, but her friends say it was his guitar playing that really won her over. She hopes her husband pursues his talent.

For William, the video may have spurred some newfound confidence and Tiffany sees an opportunity.

Combs is on tour and they’ve gotten tickets to see him in Nashville. She has a plan.

“I asked him if Luke Combs asked him to get on stage  would he get on stage and play with him?’ He said, ‘Yes.’”

Sounds farfetched, but Tiffany knows Combs’ girlfriend has shared their video and messaged her in hopes of getting her husband on stage with their idol.

As for Weston, he has no inkling about his Internet fame, but his mother says his new fans can also expect more of what makes him entertaining.

“People are asking for more videos and some things I’ll do again,” she said. “With the end of the school year coming, we’re busy but plan on giving the people something else – and they’ll have clothes on.”

Additionally, his fans may be glad to know Tiffany’s thoughts on their next video.

“Nothing will be staged,” she said. “Weston will be Weston.”

‘I call him my little movie star.’

  • 2 years old: Weston Luke Dempsey’s age when he became an Internet sensation.
  • April 24: Video posted on Facebook.
  • 2009: When William Dempsey competed on American Idol.
  • 7 million: Number of views as of Monday.


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