All Kinds of Finds does the custom job

Karen Guillot with her team at All Kinds of Finds in Luling.

Custom painting services is the hot trend for All Kinds of Finds in Luling.

Whether it’s a distressed or sanded look for warmth or an aged technique incorporating dark or black wax into the look or a smooth, modern look, owner Karen Guillot has the expertise to bring the style.

Cabinetry, front doors and furniture are the three main areas for the painting.

Guillot said customers want the style, whether it’s her doing it, her advising them on how to do it or her selling the materials that help the customer do it themselves.

With cabinetry, it’s a natural choice for updating the look while keeping quality, she said.

The looks are based on using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paints and the welcoming styles that Guillot knows how to provide with them. Neutral colors like whites and grays are popular in the kitchen, particularly in how they facilitate the surrounding décor.

“I’m going into their homes and they want to know they’re dealing with someone they can trust,” she said. “We treat it as though it was our own home and make sure the customer is happy when we’re finished. From cleaning to prepping to limited exposure to the waxing and buffering, we make sure we leave the area the way we found it – except for the newly painted cabinetry.”

Guillot said she prefers to do the job without removing the doors and paints around the hardware.

Painting front doors of a residence is a little more work, particularly with sanding, staining and sealing, Guillot said.

“We also have to work around the weather,” she added. “It’s seasonal because it’s outside.”

This work is limited to cooler, dryer months in spring and fall, particularly since Guillot prefers to “paint in place.” She uses water-based products so they dry quickly.

Furniture is another item that customers either want to paint or have painted with a fresh look.

“I’ve painted at some people’s homes for various reasons, especially with bigger pieces, but also done it at the shop,” she said.

Guillot’s painted on everything from a grandfather clock to dressers to desks, and some of them are repurposed.

An estimated 50 percent of customers are DIY’ers.

It’s very affordable whether the options are doing it yourself or having Guillot do the job. Some customers don’t have the time or don’t feel comfortable tackling these bigger projects, while others begin on bathroom cabinets until they’re comfortable enough to move into the kitchen.

She estimated giving a facelift to cabinets, rather than replacing them, can save as much as $10,000. Doing the job itself can cost as little as $500 or less including brushes, paint and other items With the Guillot’s assistance, the job can cost an estimated $1,500 depending on the project.

Rising demand for the work has driven growth at All Kinds of Finds, too.

Guillot said she has a five-member team of people who work with her by cleaning or applying first coats of paint. She oversees the work, and proudly notes they have a waiting list of customers.


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