Accusing Cox Cable of misinformation, council wants TV Guide channel reinstated.

February 3, 2006

Mr. Greg Bicket
Vice President & Region Manager
Cox Communications, Inc.
2121 Airline Drive
Metairie, LA 70001

Dear. Mr. Bicket:

On January 9, 2006 the St. Charles Parish Council adopted Resolution No. 5314 requesting that Cox Communications reinstate a programming guide on the analog cable broadcast system. The Resolution was forwarded to you and Ms. Jill Campbell. On January 23, 2006 Ms. Arthurine Payton, Government Affairs Manager for Cox Communications addressed the Parish Council to respond to the Resolution on behalf of Cox.

Ms. Payton explained to the Parish Council and the citizens of our Parish, five times, in no uncertain terms, that the TV Guide Channel no longer existed. She stated;

“…That channel is gone away… they are no longer in that business it just doesn’t exist anymore…”

“…The TV Guide does not exist… I don’t know if they will ever come back, they are no longer doing it in terms of an on the screen thing…”

“…TV Guide Channel was what was being seen on Channel slot number 4…. what we understand is that the TV Guide Corporation… they are no longer offering that or providing that in the cable arena as it existed…”

“…What was previously known as the TV Guide Channel in slot number 4 through Cox Communications we no longer have that available to us…”

“…it doesn’t exist…”

Since the presentation we learned that this information was completely false. It is truly appalling for Cox Communications, the third largest provider of Cable Service in America, to officially respond to a Resolution adopted by the Governing Authority of St. Charles Parish with completely false information.

It is our understanding that TV Guide Channel provides service to over seventy million customers across America, including millions of Cox Customers outside of the New Orleans area. What is the motive of Cox Communications to respond with such a blatant disrespect for the truth?

As the Governing Authority of St. Charles Parish, as the elected representatives of the citizens and as customers of Cox Communications we deserve and demand the truth when we request information from our Cable TV Franchisee.

Please let’s stop this misinformation and restore a programming guide on the analog cable television system.

Albert D. Laque, Parish President
Lance Marino, Councilman At Large, Div. A
Clayton Faucheux, Councilman At Large, Div. B
Derryl Walls, Councilman, District IV
Desmond J. Hilaire, Councilman, District I
April Black, Councilman, District V
Brian A. Fabre, Councilman, District II
Dickie Duhe, Councilman, District VI
Ram Ramchandran, Councilman, District III
Barry Minnich, Councilman, District, VII


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