Access Health will offer primary care at Luling Elementary

Dr. Abbey Lewis
Dr. Abbey Lewis examining six-year-old Jayce Donnaud at the St. Charles Community Health Center.

It’s an innovative idea that only required taking down a fence and providing a path for it to work.

Access Health Louisiana (AHL) has been extending services in St. Charles Parish Public Schools. But the move to Luling Elementary was really just a few steps away with St. Charles Community Health Center, located at 843 Milling Ave. in Luling, being next to the school.

“A child goes back to class and parents continue to work,” said John Cain, St. Charles Parish Public Schools’ director of Rick management and benefits. “It’s also a great benefit for students who may not have health insurance. They can accommodate and take care of anybody.”

The service goes live in August.

“It’s not a new building, but new access between the two,” said Chenier Reynolds-Montz, Access Health’s operations manager.

Access Health has two school based centers – the Albert Cammon Wellness Center and J.B. Martin – R.J. Vial Wellness Center – that serve four schools.

“The kids will be able to receive primary care and even behavioral health services during the day,” Reynolds-Montz said. “We have our pediatrician Dr. Abbey Lewis and our pediatric nurse practitioner Michelle Comboy.

Access Health sends consent and enrollment forms through the school with students. Once the form is on file, he or she can be seen for wellness checkups, immunizations, sports physicals, acute care and counseling individually or as a group.

Reynolds-Montz said every student will be provided an escort to the center.

“We don’t replace your child’s primary care physician,” she said. “If they go to another provider outside of Access, we just treat them as needed and they go back to their primary care provider.”

Children are not charged a co-pay when they’re seen for school services, she added. If they have health insurance or Medicaid, the parents submit their card at the beginning of the school year.

“We never turn down access to a child who is uninsured,” Reynolds-Montz said. “Our provider is always in communication with parents with notifications and updates. There is constant communication. We’re working with the parents and school to better the child.”

Call (866) 530-6111 for more information on enrolling a child into school-based health services with Access Health Louisiana.


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