911 overdose call busts duo

Pair booked with drugs in the presence of a minor

Early Wednesday morning, Christopher Ignaczak, 28, Boutte, and Barbie Breaux, 22, Des Allmands, were arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession in the presence of a juvenile, after police were called for a medical emergency.Just after midnight, St. Charles Parish Police and EMTs were dispatched to Ignaczak’s residence at 13468 Hwy 90.

“It is my understanding that Barbie Breaux made the call, but it was prompted as a medical call,” said Public Information Officer Capt. Pat Yoes.

Breaux called 911 in a panic after Ignaczak, her boyfriend, began convulsing. According to reports, Breaux’s two-year old child was at the residence during the entire episode.

Once emergency personnel arrived, Breaux admitted to officials that Ignaczak and her had been ingesting cocaine. Yoes said that, along with emergency personnel, police are sent for 911 calls, as it is parish protocol.

“We dispatched a unit out there, and that was when we observed the other items,” adding, “When officers responded, they were also advised by Breaux that Christopher had ingested cocaine and had started convulsions after that,” Yoes said.

Officers reported that when they arrived at the house, Ignaczak appeared to be very disoriented and convulsing due to a potential drug overdose. With Breaux’s admission that he was ingesting cocaine, Yoes said the Narcotics Division was called to the scene. “The Narcotic Division found them to be in possession of cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and ingesting in the presence of a juvenile,” said Yoes. With syringes on the scene, evidence suggests that the pair may been injecting themselves with cocaine.

Ignaczak was not taken to St. Charles Parish Hospital, as he was treated and released on the scene by EMTs. According to police reports, it remains unclear whether Ignaczak actually suffered an overdose. All that is known is that he went in to convulsions after ingesting cocaine. After being treated by emergency workers on scene, Ignaczak was arrested and booked accordingly along with Breaux.

As of last Tuesday, the pair had yet to make bond. If convicted, Yoes added that the crimes each are charged with carry sentences up to 10 years.


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