3-year-old killed after being run over by dump truck in St. Rose

A 3-year-old boy was killed yesterday after he was run over by a dump truck that was backing into a parking spot in St. Rose.According to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, Mark Washington III was under adult supervision while riding an electric dirt bike with training wheels on the sidewalk at around 4 p.m. Police believe he turned into the grass and was unable to stop, sending him underneath the truck.

The 40-year-old dump truck driver began to back up into his parking spot when he noticed a woman in his side mirror screaming for him to stop. After exiting the truck, the driver discovered that the boy had gone underneath the side of the truck between the front and back wheels and was killed instantly.

The coroner pronounced Washington dead at the scene. Toxicology results are pending on the dump truck driver.


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