2 plead guilty in bizarre shooting

Montz man was shot in chest after break-in

Two people arrested in a bizarre incident at a Montz residence involving a break-in and shooting have been sentenced, and a third suspect is awaiting trial after being charged with attempted murder.

The June 28 incident culminated in the alleged shooting of Daniel Villa in the chest by Chad Guillot, who has been charged with second-degree attempted murder. Guillot also was charged with possession of a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon as a convicted felon, possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of methamphetamine.

Mitchell Beard, 30, of Montz pleaded guilty to illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities and was sentenced to six months in prison with credit for time served.

Blanche Naquin, 37, of Montz pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and was sentenced to 69 days of prison with credit for time served.

According to court documents, Naquin told police officers she had been incarcerated in St. John Parish for an unrelated incident on June 27. A day later, Guillot bailed her out of jail and the two arrived back at her home at 106 Churchill Downs Drive. Upon arriving, Naquin and Guillot noticed the window A/C unit had been pushed in.

Armed with a handgun, Guillot entered the residence along with Naquin and found Villa, who later told police he had been asked to watch Naquin’s home and children while she was in prison. Naquin told police that Villa produced his own handgun and rushed at the two, pushing them to the floor and pointing a gun at Guillot.

Villa then reportedly fled outside. Guillot followed him and shot him in the chest with a handgun. She said Villa fled next door to seek help from Beard, who emerged from his residence and fired several times with his shotgun.

According to Villa, the A/C unit was pushed in by Beard not long before Guillot and Naquin arrived home, and Beard had entered through the window.

When Villa asked Beard the reasoning, Beard said he was looking for a Glock handgun that Beard had asked Naquin to hold for him for a few days — Naquin told police Beard had indeed asked her to hold the gun for her.

Villa was transported to the hospital and received medical attention. His wound was not life-threatening.

Beard got a plea deal that dropped the charge of possession of a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon as a convicted felon.

Guillot, 35, of Destrehan, was scheduled for a court status conference Nov. 15.


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