$125K piano purchased for new Lafon arts center

$125K piano purchased for new Lafon arts center
$125K piano purchased for new Lafon arts center

Hailed as the “king of instruments,” the Steinway concert grand piano will be one of the features at the $34 million Dr. Rodney R. Lafon Performing Arts Center in Luling.

The $125,000, concert-quality instrument is aimed at supporting the center’s purpose of hosting musical and theatrical events of the highest quality, said Stevie Crovetto, spokeswoman for St. Charles Parish Public Schools.

The instrument fits the center’s purpose, which Crovetto said is running $1 million under budget.

“We want to provide our student performers and our professional guest artists the same caliber of professional equipment and quality that they would experience at other world-class facilities,” Crovetto said.

This piano ranks among the best in the world. Steinway & Sons is a 160-year-old American company that handcrafts pianos in Astoria, NY. The price for a used Steinway concert piano can range from $50,000 to more than $100,000 depending on age, quality and model.

Overall, grand piano prices can vary widely, from $19,000 for the “budget brands” to top flight models in the $300,000 range. Steinway is considered the most popular among them, whether new or “vintage.”

Crovetto said most concert grand pianos range in price from $100,000 to $300,000.

“Steinway & Sons pianos can be found in the world’s most prestigious concert halls including Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Hollywood Bowl, the Sydney Opera House and the White House,” she said.

The piano tops a list of instruments planned for the center.

“When we purchase instruments for a ‘world-class facility’ we want to purchase it once,” Crovetto said. “Steinway pianos, as well as all other instruments of high quality, will not lose value when they are well maintained by professionals. The maintenance of these instruments is a priority throughout the years.”

Photo of a Steinway Model D grand concert piano.
Photo of a Steinway Model D grand concert piano.

There also is an upright piano in the large rehearsal room and the blackbox theatre.

A digital piano lab has 16 pianos for keyboard instruction. Additionally, the center will house a full orchestral percussion section, which is customary in concert halls. This includes instruments that do not travel with the musicians such as timpanis, chimes, concert bass drums, xylophone and vibraphone.

Crovetto said the TV production studio, editing room for TV productions and the digital media and interactive media classrooms have computers and technology consistent with industry and professional standards.

“Whether it’s curriculum materials, athletic equipment, technology or musical instruments, the school system works within a budget to ensure that our students’ experiences are relevant to what is being used in the real world,” she said. “They deserve no less and we are fortunate to be able to provide them with top-of-the-line resources so that they can pursue their education and career goals.”


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