What’s in a name?

The ringing of wedding bells and the pitter-patter of little feet are becoming familiar sounds to me since most of my girlfriends from college are tying the knot and becoming parents. Although I am still without husband and child, I feel as though I am quickly becoming a pro at wedding planning and learning the science of baby names.

Ask your mother or father to reflect on the process of naming you and I bet that they will say it wasn’t easy.

I have noticed that most people want their child to be branded with a classic name like Elizabeth or Anthony, or with a name that has been passed down through the generations of their family.

But then there are those who want their kids to have unique names with odd spellings that will stand out during roll call like Kamryn or Telisha – and that is where the fun begins.

These people seem to hunt for names based on their “rhyme-abilty” with the names of their other children.

Or try to pick out one that begins with the same letter, or choose a name based on its meaning.

My name means “flowering shrub,” and I’ve concluded that’s not the reason my parents picked it.

My younger sister was named Amanda – not the original plan.

Up until delivery they expected a boy, but out popped a girl and my parents knew that the name Jonathan Scott no longer applied.

Sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, my dad heard the song Amanda by the rock band Boston and there it was – her name.

So to all the mothers with child and fathers to be don’t stress too much over baby names. It will come to you – one way or another.

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