What parish teens really want – COOL PLACES TO SHOP

Interns Nattie Swan and Megan Waters wrote this story. Waters photo for the Herald-Guide.

Teens are paying close attention to all the new stores and shops that are projected to open in St. Charles Parish this year.

But even though a wine bar and a couple of buffet restaurants in Boutte will be nice for adults, younger residents are looking for something a little different.

Here’s the “wish list” we got in a survey of students at Destrehan and Hahnville high schools.

Our question: What ONE store would you like to see open in St. Charles Parish?

– “I would like to see an American Eagle clothing store come to the parish.” James Gauthier, St. Rose

– “It would be great if a Best Buy or Pac-Sun retailer opened up because it would save me a trip to the mall.” Derek Matherne, Destrehan

– “We need some music stores. Zeagler would be a great one.” Justin Villers, Norco

– “I think St. Charles Parish needs an Olive Garden or a Zea’s because there are too many fast food place and not any good places to sit down and eat.” – Senior at Hahnville who asked that his name not be used.

– “There is nowhere to shop. I think that Hollister clothing store should come to St. Charles Parish.” Amber Bourgeois, Norco

– “Even though it would put alot of local people out of business, I would like to see a Home Depot – every man’s dream – come to St. Charles Parish.” Patrick Phelan, Luling

– “A bowling alley or a mall for sure. Teenagers need a place to go and hang out to keep out of trouble.” Brittany Allen, Luling

– “I would definitely love a mall. I love shopping, but hate going into town just to go to one or two stores at the mall.” Faith Grurule, Destrehan

– “We need an Outback restaurant. I love that place-and fast food is definitely getting old.” Kerry Taravella.

– “I’d like a driving range/lounge. Willowdale Country Club is an older, not hip place. I am always practicing golf, so I’d like something to do after I leave the range.” Dayton Bordelon, Luling

And a teacher who ISN’T a teenager says: “A place to take my little boy would be perfect, Kids Sport or Discovery Zone Space Center. Just something for younger kids and their parents to go and have fun while not spending an arm and a leg.” Mary Harris, Luling


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