What does your snoball say about you?

Peppermint pickers have the freshest ideas and taste in style. You always mix in well with others, but you will get along best with people named York.

For the frugal at heart, wedding cake is a real life saver. Why fork over the money for a huge reception when you can spoon some of this flavor for a couple bucks? If you like this flavor, you are well-groomed and merry all the time.

Cherry lovers have classic tastes and always pick the original over a trendy remake. You love attention and with your cherry-red lips you are always ready for your next close-up.

If you like lemon-lime, your sour behavior might turn some people away but your true friends will pick you every time. There are two sides to your personality, but everyone knows they are pretty much the same.

People who choose clear flavors are serious about their work. Whether you go to an office or a daycare, you will arrive in style and unscathed by snoball spills. There is more to you than meets the eye – a whole lot of flavor is under that calm and focused outer shell.

Bubblegum flavor is for the young at heart, or for nostalgic people who have dental work and can’t chew real bubblegum. You have a bubbly personality that really pops at parties, but don’t stay too long – you might lose your flavor.

Unlike the sour grapes in the crowd, those who choose grape snoballs are the sweetest. You are very popular and simple – in a good way.

You don’t have to be a bird or a bee to love the nectar from snoball stands. You have a flowery personality and are at home in the garden.

If you order rainbow snoballs, kids probably love you…or pretend to just long enough to steal them from you. Some might say you have multiple personalities, but your lagniappe makes you unique and colorful.

Ice House Snoballs, Oak Lane Snoballs, Todd’s Cream Shack and Paradise Ice contributed.


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