Wanted: Louisiana’s longest married couple

Louisiana Family Forum is searching for Louisiana’s Longest Known Married Couple. Every year, during National Marriage week, Feb. 7-14, 2010, LFF honors the longest-known married couple found in the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Family Forum celebrates life-long marriage and strong, healthy families, and the opportunity to honor couples who have exemplified fidelity in their marriage covenants.

The top 10 “longest-married’s” will be entered into the Louisiana Family Forum “Hall of Fame” and the longest married couple will be honored at a dessert reception where state dignitaries join family, media, and friends to celebrate the occasion.

LFF first located and honored George and Germaine Briant as Louisiana’s “longest married” couple in 2002. A luncheon was hosted in their honor at the Governor’s Mansion. The Briants were married 84 years before passing away three days apart in 2005.  The Briants were replaced by Fernand and Emily Cavalier as LA’s longest married. Their marriage lasted nearly 78 years before Emily’s passing in late January 2009.

The most recent longest known married couple in Louisiana is Newton and Anna Leger. They celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary Feb. 3, 2009. Newton passed away shortly thereafter.

Entrants may apply by sending their contact information, number of years married, wedding anniversary and brief description of their life together to info@lafamilyforum.org.

For more information, please call April at 800-606-6470.


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