VIPs 9-6-2007

Very Important Parishoners – SCHOOLS

Five new faculty members have joined the Allemands Elementary staff this year. They are: Stephanie Knight and Elizabeth Hickman, first grade; Abby Berget, art; Brandi Granier, teacher’s aide and Cindy Swint, kindergarten. Destrehan High School is Taking Care of Business – a program, sponsored by Motiva, the DHS Partner in Education, that rewards students who are free of tardy and dress code violations through a series of random drawings by grade level. Every two weeks, the names of each student who is “free and clear” for that progress reporting period will be eligible to win cash prizes. At the end of each term, students who remained free and clear of tardy and dress code violations will be entered into a drawing for a laptop computer.

Since showing up on time and being dressed for success are important in today’s world, the DHS faculty and its Partner In Education – Motiva, want to emphasize timeliness and professionalism. Congratulations to those students who were drawn as winners of $25 cash on Aug. 30.

Winners are: Kira Lennix, Joel Armstrong, Lily Galland, Evan Mire, Brittany Taylor, Kayla Watson, Ashton Thompson, Christopher Greene, Erica Edwards, Rickey Aucoin, and Chynna Ayo, Vernon James, Mons Monson, Joshua Lambert, Rachel Abbate, and Kati Knight.



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