Villere Drive neighborhood get-togethers

The residents of Villere Drive in Ormond subdivision have their own ‘neighborhood watch.’

They meet three times a year for a sit-down dinner. This last dinner they met at Ormond Plantation. They recently met to have social drinks, mingle and get to know their neighbors before they served dinner. They always open and close with a prayer.

There are 149 homes on Villere Drive and some 40 of them attending the last meeting.

The purpose of these meetings is to get to know their neighbors, their children, their pets, etc. By knowing them, they know who doesn’t belong in the driveways or around the homes. They call this a “true Neighborhood Watch,” which cuts down on crime.

They hope to grow these get-togethers and make lifetime friends.

Anyone who lives on Villere Drive who is interested in joining the group can call Kerry Singleton at (504) 319-6755 or B.J. Butler at (504) 606-7548.


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