‘Two-ton’ tabby pigs out on ice cream and frozen yogurt

LULING – Before the sun comes up and the roosters get a chance to crow, Rocky, the King Kong Kitty, cries so loud for his breakfast that the bellowing meows can be heard echoing from one end of the house to the other. “We have three cats, and Rocky is always the first one to the bowl,” chuckles owner Tanya Colee.

“If it is feeding time and his dish is empty – watch out! – he’ll hit the bowl with his paw until it flies across the room.”

Rocky tilts the Toledo’s at an estimable 12-plus pounds, and any way you shake it, that’s a tubby tabby.

“He’s as round as a cartoon cat” and as heavy as a professional bowler’s prize ball.

He got that way says Colee by eating every yummy treat he can get his paws on.

And if his vet had her way, there would be no treats at all for poor Rocky, just a strict regimen of bland diet cat food.

“Rocky’s veterinarian wants him to lose weight,” said Colee. “He is about double the size he should be, and we have tried everything the doctor has suggested with simply no luck.”

Rocky, or “Porkin’ Cat” – as he is sometimes called – begins and ends his day with a sensible 4 oz. ration of dry cat food.

It’s everything he eats in between that gets him in trouble.

He’s got a major sweet tooth says Colee, and only a fool would get between Rocky and his vanilla ice cream – or frozen yogurt.

“He’ll beg for food from anyone who is eating, and can jet into the kitchen in a matter of seconds,” says Colee.

Believe it or not, when she and her family adopted double-wide Rocky from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals he was stick-thin and sickly.

“We started giving him extra food,” says Colee.

“But now we can’t even get him to play to burn off the calories he eats – he either sleeps or hides,” Colee says of her cat.


CAN your feline beat Rocky to the finish line in the Herald-Guide’s King Kong Kitty contest? If you think your cat should be the crowned winner, write Heather R. Breaux at 758-2795.


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