Luling singer releases Christian CD

Seven years ago Luling native Ryan Post began his career as a youth minister, but now he’s spreading his message to others in a new way – through the soul-stirring lyrics on his first compact disc simply titled, Nola.

Post, a self-described Christian and acoustic-blues singer, says that he believes in writing songs that appeal to the spiritual side of people and focus on subjects such as purpose, unconditional love and eternity.

“I decided to make a CD with songs about issues that hold significance beyond life and death, because those are things that I believe matter the most,” says Post.

“In our culture, money, sex and power are placed on a pedestal.

“But the reality is, at the end of your life, you can’t take any of that with you and I try to write songs about issues that have eternal significance.”

Having been raised in southern Louisiana, Post developed a deep appreciation for the rich musical culture around him.

He says that he first picked up a guitar at the age of 14, practiced every day and started performing at his church in Boutte.

“Ever since I started playing guitar, I’ve had a strong desire to write and compose music that I would personally enjoy listening to,” says Post.

“Yet, as a teenager, I discovered that to be a bigger challenge than I realized at the time.”

Post didn’t start to refine himself as a musician and songwriter until college when experimented with different musical styles like acoustic rock and jazz.

“I set aside an hour each day and devoted that time to stretching my songwriting and playing ability to the limits,” says Post.

“Some days it was frustrating because it took a lot of hard work, but there were also days when everything seemed to click.

“I could write a song in a couple of hours – as if God himself were guiding the whole process.”

Perhaps it’s thanks to his dedication or his spirituality or a combination of both – but most would say that Post has finally “made it.”

“You can tell a great singer/songwriter by audience response, and every time we play a Ryan Post song we get tons of emails that comment on and request more of Ryan’s music,” said Mark Linder, spokesperson for Build the Church Independent Christian Music Podcast, an online radio show.

On Nov. 14, 2006, Nola hit the shelfs in stores across the state and Post dedicated it as a tribute to the city of New Orleans.

To hear tracks from Nola, visit www.ryanpostmusic.com.


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