Super single mom: Luling woman recognized for single parenting excellence

Adrienne Bourgeois considers it an honor to be named among the top five finalists for Single Mom of the Year, but she isn’t getting lost in the recognition over what she and her daughter endured to be where they are today.

“I am nothing special, no different than the next person, I fail every single day,” Bourgeois said. “I fail at being the ‘best’ mom much less the best single mom every single day.  But I am committed to being the role model my daughter needs.”

Bourgeois was recognized by Life of a Single Mom, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Baton Rouge, committed to seeing no single mom walk alone.

The group was founded by Jennifer Maggio, an award-winning author and speaker, whose personal journey is one of homelessness, abuse and multiple teen pregnancies. The program, which is also national, focuses on educating the general public about the challenges single moms face while simultaneously helping single mothers achieve success in the areas of parenting, finances, and health and wellness.

The National Single Mom of the Year award recognizes the character of the nominee, courage exhibited through her life’s journey, and commitment to her children that the single mother has been exhibited despite hardships, while also highlighting her commitment to a relationship with Christ.

Adrienne Bourgeois with parish officials as part of her duties as St. Charles Parish’s public information specialist.

Bourgeois ranked among the top five finalists for the award.

“I am extremely humbled that I was selected to represent single mothers in this way,” she said. “But for me this recognition just represents how merciful God has been to me throughout my life’s journey.”

Bourgeois said she believes the organization chose her as a finalist because she is dedicated to making a difference.

“Once we experienced adversity, I knew that if I wanted to overcome the hurt I had to make our pain pay and leave a legacy that shows people that no matter what life struggles you face there is hope that you don’t have to stay stuck if you get help from the right places,” Bourgeois said.

After being in a toxic relationship, she said they experienced abuse that left her daughter with PTSD but she’s fought her way through it.

“My daughter is a firecracker,” Bourgeois said. “She is resilient and has taught me so much about having faith that God will change a negative situation into one’s biggest blessing. We know we are a team and together we can overcome anything.”

They’re working through it – together.

Now, Bourgeois remains dedicated to bettering herself and found a career she loves.

As St. Charles Parish’s public information specialist, she considers her profession one that lets her serve the residents of St. Charles Parish.

“I became an advocate for victims of domestic violence and currently serve as the board president for our community’s domestic violence program,” she said. “I advocate for our local CASA. I serve in my church, Life Fellowship of Bayou Gauche.  And while I have had a piece of creative nonfiction published, I am currently writing about my daughter and my journey in hopes that other people are inspired to just overcome whatever it is that is making them feel ‘stuck.’”

As to others, both single moms and dads, Bourgeois advised spending time to know who God made you to be and then become that person.

“Use your failures as learning lessons and explain the why to them and then prove to them by your actions that they can be better,” she said. “Ask for help, never be ashamed by your situation because everyone has a story. Set goals for yourself and stay committed to achieving them. Spend alone time with your child. Get to know your children and never be dedicated to showing them love while holding them accountable.”


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