Students visit Waterford nuclear plant

On April 15, the Satellite Center’s engineering design class visited the Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant.

After passing a rigorous security check, the team members were allowed to enter the secure area of the plant. The class was divided into several small groups.

Each group was given a detailed tour by plant operators and engineers.

The team members got to see, first hand, the power generation equipment, control room and safety monitoring systems.

They also saw portions of the secondary and tertiary cooling systems, including the huge piping which intakes water from the Mississippi River.

And, they visited the control room simulator, which is used to train plant personnel on how to operate the plant and how to handle any emergency.

The team members witnessed several simulated emergencies, and how automated equipment and trained operators respond.Team members remarked on the equipment’s impressive size, power and efficiency.

They were also impressed with the obvious knowledge and skill of the plant personnel.

In particular, team members commented on the plant’s extensive degree of safety and security.

This field experience added to the concepts covered in class concerning electricity, magnetism and electric power generation.


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