St. Charles Parish: HHS student earns Eagle Scout

It’s the highest award given by the Boy Scouts and Coriantumr Wayment of Luling has received it.

Wayment is officially an Eagle Scout.

The 18-year-old Hahnville High School student is known for his fun personality and hard work ethic.

Wayment’s Eagle Scout project, repainting a church parking lot, was 40 hours of work that he planned and coordinated himself.

Asked what the most challenging aspect of achieving his Eagle Scout Award was, Wayment replied, “Time management. Once I hit high school I was involved in a lot of activities and had a lot of homework. This left me little time to earn merit badges during the school year.”

Wayment, the son of Darcey and Xue-Hui Wayment of Luling, recently received the award from his Scoutmaster Jon Whipple.

Whipple said anyone who knows Wayment knows he loves to serve and that he is always looking for opportunities to serve others.

Wayment is a leader among his peers and fellow troop members, he said, adding, he attended numerous scout camps and has received 43 merit badges.

Wayment is a member of Troop 34 sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. When he graduates from DHS, he plans to serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before going to college at Brigham Young University.

Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting.

Since 1912 more than two million Boy Scouts have earned the Eagle Scout Rank.

In the words of the Eagle Scout Promise, Eagles do their best each day to make their training an example, their rank and their influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in their troop, in their community, and in their contacts with other people. To this they pledge their sacred honor (Boy Scouts of America).


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