Shiver me timbers

By Jennifer Nall

Power Rangers and princesses are as popular as pirates in St. Charles Parish this year

BOUTTE – The hottest Halloween costumes for parish kids this year are karate-kickin’ Power Rangers for the boys and assorted princesses and heroines for the girls, including Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” Expect to see a lot of happy tots dressed up as little ladybugs and bumble bees. Teenage girls in droves will be be decked out in German “beer garden” dresses.

And even though teenage boys might be scarier walking around as themselves, their first-choice costume – hands down – is pirates, Bill Walther, assistant manager of Party City, in Harahan, told the St. Charles Herald-Guide.

Adults will be partying as pirates based on the success of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean movie last summer. Dorothy and the Scarecrow from the classic flick, Wizard of Oz, are two more popular picks.

“We have the largest selection of Halloween costumes around but these are the most popular,” Walther said.

Last Halloween, the most popular costumes were Spider Man, Power Rangers, Tinkerbell, witches, and convicts.

In addition to costumes, don’t forget pumpkin pails for trick or treating, candy, and Halloween decor for your home.

Accessories for the princess costumes such as wigs, tiaras, wands, and shoes.
Stay safe with trick-or-treat tips that can keep you out of the hospital

Keep your trick-or-treating kids safe and happy this Halloween with super tips from the American College of Emergency Physicians:

1. Knives, swords, and wands and other costume accessories should be made of flexible materials and have dulled edges.

2. Always make sure you inspect all candy and other treats before your child eats it. Avoid candy not in its original wrapper. Also, do not eat any fruit collected from strangers.

3. To avoid accidents, make sure your child stays on the sidewalks and off the streets as much as possible and obey all traffic signals.

4. Stay in a group. One adult should serve as chaperone while trick or treating and do not accept rides from strangers or visit unfamiliar homes.

5. Avoid costumes that could cause children to trip, such as baggy pants, long hems, and oversized shoes. Avoid masks that impede vision.

6. Buy costumes made out of flame resistant materials such as nylon or polyester. Costumes should be visible during the night so avoid dark colors. Reflective tape can be used on your child’s costume so they can be more visible to motor vehicles.

According to Dr. Keaton of ACEP, “children should go trick or treating at organized Halloween festivities, such as those organized by churches, shopping malls, or schools.”

“This way kids are not walking around in the dark and in unfamiliar parts of their neighborhoods. It also allows for constant adult supervision,” Keaton adds.

4 fun things to do on Halloween without trick or treating

1. Ride a tractor at Perilloux Pumpkin Patch

For $5 you can cruise the fields and pick your favorite from a seletion of 8,000 – count ‘em! – pumpkins. Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and people can visit the pumpkin patch during the week by appointment. PPP is in Montz.

2. Get down with the the Fall Festival at Norco Elementary.

Norco 4-6 Elementary School’s Fall Festival kicks off Friday, Oct. 27 at 12:30 p.m.and runs through 3 p.m. Food, fun, and games including s a cake walk, dunking booth, and face painting. Event is open to the community.

3. Hear spooky stories at the West Bank Library.

West Bank Regional Library in Luling holds Halloween story time on Thursday, Oct. 26. Stories for the wee little ones – infants to age two – is at 9:30 a.m. Older kids should arrive at 10:45 a.m.

4. Hear more spooky stories AND get free candy at the East Bank Library.

East Bank Regional Library in Destrehan holds Halloween story time on Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 10:30 a.m. for all kids. Children get to decorate goodie bags and then “trick or treat” at the circulation desk. Ever made a Jack-o-Lantern with an orange? They’ll be doing that!


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