Sheriff’s Camp drew 71 campers this year

The Operation First Class Sheriff’s Camp was held last week as Sheriff Greg Champagne welcomed boys ages 12 – 16 to the camp, which is hosted by the Boy Scouts of America and held in Kiln, Mississippi. The event is sponsored annually by sheriffs throughout the Southeast Louisiana region.

The camp was held July 9th – July 14th. 71 campers attended this year, which was the 20th annual installment of the camp.

An aim of the camp is to teach the value of honesty, integrity, and leadership.

At the camp, these boys are taught the value of honesty, integrity, and leadership. The program blends education and instructional skills, career education, and lessons in the value of combating violence and crime in at-risk neighborhoods.

Throughout their five-day stay, the boys also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including swimming, archery, and crafts.

By reaching the youths at this age, Sheriff Champagne has said he hopes to make a difference and prevent children from going down the wrong path and ending up in the judicial system.


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