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Schonberg Care is committed to ensuring that every resident we are privileged to serve is treated with respect and compassion, embraced by a spirit of community that reveres and encourages the unique dignity of each individual.

Who We Are

Through specialized design, development, and management of our fourteen charming family owned and operated independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities, Schonberg Care has earned its stellar reputation as a leader in our profession. Schonberg Care is known for providing each of its residents the highest quality care and senior living experience, while at the same time providing peace of mind for sons and daughters who trust us to care for their loved ones. Although we have communities out of the State of Louisiana, we are the largest family owned Assisted Living and Memory Care provider in Louisiana.

Each of our state-of-the-art communities, including Ashton Manor in Luling, presents our residents with the opportunity to embrace and live life to the fullest. Our communities truly make living life easy! For starters, we offer top-of-the-line entertainment, gourmet dining, daily activities and special events. To ensure our families have 100% quality time with their loved ones, our communities take care of the mundane necessities too. Medications, personal care, laundry, cooking, and cleaning are just some of the services we offer our residents.

We take an extremely compassionate and personal approach to caring for our residents.

Why? Because no two people are the same. Every resident we are privileged to care for is unique. We, at all Schonberg Care communities, pride ourselves in meeting each resident’s unique needs, regardless of where they are in life. This means customized wellness plans and activities, gourmet menu options, social events, in-house therapy opportunities, and a wide variety of other customizable services.

While each Schonberg Care community is unique, all share the same commitment to providing exceptional quality, amenities, and programs that ensure that every day you spend with us is one worth celebrating.

What people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what some of the people we work with and serve have to say about our communities:

“Schonberg designed and continues to refine his winning strategy to help meet the needs of a growing population of vulnerable people who deserve the best care and support that we as family members, professionals, and a society can provide. At CPI, we’re proud to be one of David’s partners.”

— Erin Harris, CPI Training & Consulting in behavior management & dementia care

“I’m thrilled to have a community partner like Beau Provence that has a goal of creating a Dementia Capable Society focused on those affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. With Beau Provence’s foundation of best practices, including proper care, training, consultations, support and commitment to research, its goal of creating a Dementia Capable Society is more than achievable.”

— Brian Berrigan, Executive Director of the Louisiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association

“I am more than happy with Alden Pointe. My daughter’s been there since 2005. I go there twice or three times a week. Everything is lovely. It’s not too big, the food is wonderful, and they have lots of activities. She has a private bath, computer, everything she wants in her apartment. Every morning she goes to a religious service and she happens to love that.”

— Jeanette, family member of an Alden Pointe resident

“My sister is a resident at Ashton Manor, and we think the community is absolutely fantastic. Ashton’s team is so respectful of their residents and knowledgeable about their individual backgrounds and needs- it is extremely evident how much they care, which is so reassuring to family members that just want their loved ones to be safe and happy. The atmosphere at Ashton Manor is 100% positive, and we couldn’t imagine a better place in the world for my sister!”

— Linda W., family member of an Ashton Manor resident

“My 96-year-old mother has been a resident of Ashton Manor in Luling for the past 18 months. We are very happy with the management and staff here. Such a blessing to have caretakers that truly care about the residents!”

— Joan B., family member of an Ashton Manor resident

Our greatest source of pride comes from the people whose lives have been changed for the better by our communities. Their feedback is what tells us that we are fulfilling our purpose, and it is what drives us to continuously strive to be the best and offer the best to our residents.

 Family Resources

How do I know when it is time?

At Schonberg Care, we’re here to help. We often consult with families trying to understand “when home is no longer enough” for their loved one, and we strive to make finding the right answer as easy as possible. When the time is right, becoming a part of a quality senior living community should be your first choice, not a last resort.


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