Satellite Center opens time capsule for 10-year celebration

The Satellite Center welcomed one of their alumni for an event ten years in the making.

Early in on Feb. 3, Gina Granger took center stage at the opening of the Satellite Center time capsule that she helped bury during the 2005-2006 school year. As part of her senior project at Destrehan High School, Gina worked with a local company to help her build a capsule that could house memories from the inaugural year of the Satellite Center and worked with administration and staff to collect items that would convey the events that took place at the center’s first year.

With all team members surrounding the time capsule in the rotunda, Gina pulled off the cap to reveal the items she placed for safe keeping ten years ago. Items pulled from the capsule included newspaper clippings about the Satellite Center, pictures from the first year, a memories video created by Gina, original blueprints of the building, and more.

All items are now on display in the rotunda of the Satellite Center and the public is welcome to view the contents at the Satellite Center Open House to be held on February 4, 2015.

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