Rosary rally to be held Oct. 12

Thousands nationwide are expected to join in the Public Square Rosary Crusade with the local observance scheduled Saturday (Oct. 12) in Monsanto Park in Luling.

Last year’s local rally drew more than 100 people and more are anticipated at this year’s 10th annual “Rosary Rally,” said local rally spokeswoman Shirley Dufrene.

“It’s a beautiful crowd,” said the Luling resident. “Every year it gets bigger. So many people come and tell us they’re glad they came. It just makes you feel good.”

Last year’s attendance was the largest for the rally, which began with a group, the Fatima Rosary Group of Luling that has said the rosary since 1974. Members say the rosary at Luling residents’ homes every Monday at 7 p.m.

Last year’s rally attendees in Monsanto Park.

Dufrene, a founding member of the group, said she sees the rally as an opportunity to “help spread the rosary. That’s what it’s all about.”

The rally also serves as an opportunity to bring people closer to God, she said.

An estimated 21,000 rallies are expected to be held the same day nationwide.

The reason for the rally is “so people can wake up and know there is something other than just having fun,” she said. “There are too many people sick and suffering. Some of them come who’s never been there before.”

The year 2017 marked the 100th year of the Fatima Miracle.

The miracle, also called the Miracle of the Sun, reportedly occurred Oct. 13, 1917 in front of a large crowd near Fatima, Portugal in response to a prophecy made by three shepherd children that the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima) would appear and perform miracles.

“Every year it gets bigger. So many people come and tell us they’re glad they came.” — Shirley Dufrene

The sun reportedly came down upon the crowd and terrified the people. But it returned to the sky and left the people, who were ankle deep in mud from rain and then saw the earth had dried.

The Luling prayer group started with the late Father Bobby Gus in 1974 who wanted to say the rosary at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Luling, Dufrene said. They said the rosary there on Monday nights and then the Fatima people brought them a “Fatima statue” of the Blessed Mother or a copy of the one in Portugal.

articipants in the rally and blessing.

The prayer rallies, which she had steadily played a role in organizing, have been successful.

The Fatima statue will again be at this year’s rally, she said.

“I think more people are praying today.” Dufrene said. “They’re looking for something. I really believe that.

Rosary crusades

  • America Needs Fatima Public Square Rosary Crusade is a nonprofit organization of lay Catholics promoting the rallies to honor the Lady of Fatima.
  • Some 21,000 rallies are anticipated Oct. 12 in the U.S.
  • 2017 marked the 100th year of the Fatima miracle.


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