R. J. Vial ‘Shakes It Off’ for state testing

R. J. Vial Elementary School in Paradis held their annual testing pep rally on Friday, April 22.

Students and faculty cheered, chanted and danced to “shake off” the jitters of the LEAP 2025 testing held April 25. Annie Minnich’s homeroom students danced to the song, “Watch Me, (Whip/NaeNae).” Students challenged their teachers in a little game called, “Are You Smarter Than Your Teacher.” The students had a surprise end to the show. Principal Angelle Babin and Assistant Principal Christina Mullins, along with teachers and faculty, put together a song and dance to the tune of, “Shake It Off.”

Students were reminded to get enough rest, eat a healthy breakfast and come to school for the LEAP 2025 testing week.


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