DHS’ first homecoming queen turns 100

Sadie Digirolamo Trosclair was born in 1924 and turned 100 years old on Tuesday.

Born the same year as Destrehan High School opened in 1924, Norco’s Sadie Digirolamo Trosclair turned 100 years old on Tuesday.

Trosclair was the first homecoming queen at DHS for the 1942-43 school year and called the event one of her best memories. She was also recognized on the 75th anniversary of being named queen in October 2018. She was married to Sidney (Pete) Trosclair on April 27, 1946 and the couple were married for 70 years. The couple had one daughter, Glenda Bergeron, three grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Prior to her marriage, Trosclair worked at Shell during WWII, and then worked at Richard’s Department Store in Norco. After marriage, she was a stay-at-home mom.

“Sadie loved to travel, dance, read and play cards,” Bergeron, her daughter, said. “She loved to host family/friend gatherings in her home where she would serve some delicious Italian food.”

Trosclair enjoys spending time with her family.

“She loves to play cards with her siblings, Sal Digirolamo, Josie Mire and Rose Songy,” Bergeron said. “She feels very blessed to have her surviving siblings live so close to her.”

Bergeron added that Trosclair misses her deceased family members very much, which include husband, Pete, her grandson, Jason, her brother, Nick Digirolamo, and sisters Grace Giroir, and Marie Robert.

Trosclair said advancements in technology, such as the internet and smartphones, have been the biggest changes she’s seen come about in her lifetime.

“Life was a lot simpler,” she said. 

Trosclair added that dancing with her husband and being active throughout her life has contributed to her longevity.

The family celebrated Trosclair’s 100th birthday at Destrehan Plantation’s Mule Barn.

Sadie and Pete Trosclair loved to travel and dance.


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