Couple launches ministry to meet practical needs of the community

Dustin and Karen Boudreaux

While the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly caused a physical separation of people from their loved ones, this month Dustin and Karen Boudreaux started a new ministry to help connect people back together.

“I guess I just started seeing people falling through the cracks during the pandemic,” Karen said of what made her want to start the ministry. “There were a lot of needs and loneliness and sadness everywhere and no none to help. It was specifically on my heart that we have to do something about it.”

The Bayou Gauche couple’s desire to connect people birthed Life Cares, a ministry they will help facilitate as a part of Life Fellowship Community Church.

“The world convinces you that life doesn’t care … that no one cares about you and that you have to do everything on your own,” Karen said of how they named the ministry. “Everyone knows something that can help someone. For us as couple, the end goal is to know peoples’ strengths so we can connect them with needs.”

Karen said some easy, practical examples of this type of service could include sitting with someone who is alone in church, dropping off food to someone who is in need, helping people with any technological challenges they may have, visiting someone who is lonely or helping someone move furniture.

“Just to pay attention to how you can make someone’s life easier,” she said of the ministry’s mission. “See a need, meet a need. That’s really my whole main point behind this ministry – connecting.”

Karen said the ministry developed faster than she had originally imagined.

“I had this idea in my head, like we’ll plan for two months and have some meetings,” she said laughing. “The very next morning someone posted on the Bayou Gauche Facebook page that her car wouldn’t start and her husband was out of town and her child needed to get to school.”

Helping that woman re-start her car was Dustin’s first Life Cares act, and Karen said she hopes the simplicity of the ministry’s message catches on.

“It is using just what you have to help anyone in need,” Karen said of Life Cares. “There are endless ways to serve in this ministry, so that everyone can be involved. We want to be Christians that walk out our faith and not just read about it in the Bible. We all want to know that someone cares, so this will give everyone the opportunity to represent our church and to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

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