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Logan Bergeron thinks he can dance

Luling native Logan Bergeron and his late brother Kyle loved to dance. And despite losing his battle against Leukemia several years ago, Logan has brought Kyle’s memory back to life.

Wearing a T-shirt masked with Kyle’s photo and the printed phrase, “He Is Loved,” Logan auditioned for the popular television dance competition and reality show that airs on Fox, “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“Although Logan did not make it passed the third round of the auditions, he will be featured in the show during the credits dancing in downtown New Orleans,” said Vicki Bergeron, Logan’s mother. “And one week after he auditioned one of the producers called and asked if it would be OK to air his story about he and his brother since they both liked to dance.”

In addition to an already-filmed interview, Logan agreed telling the producers that he wanted to make sure the show would respect his brother’s memory and said he wanted the clip to be done in good taste.

“They told him absolutely and asked for pictures of he and his brother dancing together, separately and just hanging out,” Vicki added. “I snuck in the talent show video of Logan doing his Michael Jackson routine to Billy Jean because it was just around the time of his late passing.”

A specific airing of Logan’s appearance on “So You Think You Can Dance” has yet to be released, but Vicki says that she and Logan believe it will air on Sept. 9 or 10, or possibly on next week’s show. Check your local listing for air times.

– Heather R. Breaux


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