Lunch with the Librarians

The RK Smith Library and Family Center hosted its first “Lunch with the Librarians” event at RKS. Students had the opportunity to invite family members to join them during lunch and partake in some activities provided by the St. Charles Parish Library Hahnville Branch. Tiffany Borne with the SCP Library, engaged both students and adults in a hands on experiment involving red and blue colored lenses.

The colored lenses absorb all colors of light except for whatever color the lenses are, which made this experience challenging. Participants had to place the correct colored beads on the correct color spot on the chart. Students and parents also got to see the weight difference on Earth versus the moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Students could test their sense of smell by sniffing four different bottles and guessing what was inside.

Students and family members had a great time with the science activities. We hope that more family members are able to join the next “Lunch with the Librarians” event on October 28th at RKS.


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