Krewe of ‘Full of Life’

Students, workers and 4-H’ers bring Mardi Gras to residents at the Luling Living Center

Senior citizens at the Luling Living Center on Paul Maillard Road didn’t have far to travel to enjoy Mardi Gras. In fact, they didn’t even have to leave the building.

Local 4-H groups, students and the retirement home’s staff ensured that Mardi Gras found its way to them.

Complete with the crowning of a Carnival king and queen, the center’s residents planned the perfect ball with food, drinks, dancing and a parade. But more importantly, the party brought with it laughter and a good time.

The 2009 Luling Living Center king and queen are Marjorie Brown Turner and Norphy Steib. Maids were Mercedes Roux and Margaret Catroe. Dukes were Sidney Wallace and Johnny “B-Good” Cothran. Music was provided by Blanch Newsome.

And the nursing home residents were in for a treat on Feb. 16 when the 4-H PAC and St. Charles Parish 4-H Jr. Leaders came to entertain.

The 4-H’ers began their performance by singing “Going to the Mardi Gras.”

While enjoying a piece of specially baked king cake, the residents were soon amused by 4-H’ers who danced to jazz music.

Band members then played “Second Line” and later joined other 4-H’ers who waved napkins and decorated umbrellas in the air.


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