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Catholic teens from several West Bank youth groups dedicated two days of their time last week to clean up the yards of five residents who needed help. Catholics in Action was started by the St. Anthony of Padua catholic youth ministry. Mike Fabre organized the mission and hopes to make it an annual event.

On Friday and Saturday, local teens from ages 13 to 18, cleaned up trash, mowed lawns, weeded and pressure-washed the grounds of area residents who couldn’t do it themselves due to physical or health limitations and couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it.

One home in Luling belonged to Catherine Eusea, an 83-year-old grandmother who has a hard time even walking outside. Eusea, who has lived in Luling all her life, said the teens were a joy to have around. “When they called and asked if they could clean my yard I told them ‘come on!’”, said Eusea.

Ashley Matherne, freshman at Nicholl’s and part of the St. Gertrude youth group said, “It’s a really fulfilling thing to watch the progress of the house from what it looked like before and the smiles on kid’s faces is awesome!”


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