Humane Society says …

Volunteer SHELTER HELPERS are a pet’s best friends

The St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter needs student volunteers to help feed, bathe, and support animal control staff by assisting with pet care year ‘round. “Our junior pet volunteer program is for students 13 and older who are members of the St. Charles Humane Society,” said animal control supervisor Lee Anne Matherne.

“To become a member you have to fill out an application at the shelter.

“Once we receive the applicants’ information we observe how well the kids respond to the pets and also to our staff.

“Some kids go above and beyond in taking care of the animals.”

Matherne said she keeps 12 junior volunteers working throughout the year but can use all the extra help she can get.

Pet lovers Magaly James, 14, and Emily Gautreaux, 13, both from Luling, volunteered to help out at the shelter this summer.

“I love working with the animals – it’s fun,” Gautreaux said.

“I want to be a veterinarian, and volunteering here gives me experience.”

James says she enjoys the animals, but she won’t make a career of them. She wants to become a child psychologist.

“I just like to volunteer where and when I’m needed to support my community,” James said.

To apply to participate in the program pick-up an application at the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter, 13875 Frere Road, in Luling.

“Every summer we pull in kids, who want to volunteer and learn about the animals,” Angie Robert, animal control officer told the Herald-Guide.

“They do things like bathe dogs and cats, play with, and feed the animals,” she continued.

“Cats especially can get claustrophobic staying inside the cages all day, so it’s nice to have the kids take them out an interact with them.”


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