Why Kristy Lapeyrouse would be happy with being the biggest loser

Kristy Lapeyrouse working on her goal to weigh less than 200 pounds.

Peaking at 298 pounds, Kristy Lapeyrouse is pleased with having lost a little over 60 pounds and gladly still losing weight.

The weight gain started with the birth of her oldest son.

“I had gained a lot of weight because I was on bed rest and tried to lose weight, but I wasn’t able to do it,” Lapeyrouse said. “It was staying there.”

Nearly five years later, she was pregnant again and this time with twins.

“I was still heavy,” she said. “I had complications during my pregnancy where my blood pressure went up and I had problems holding fluid.”

These health issues put her in the hospital for four weeks and her doctor initially advised she have a C-section and then decided she complete the pregnancy, which came six weeks later.

It wasn’t an easy move, particularly when Lapeyrouse’s tests revealed her liver was failing, but then the unexplainable happened.

“Every time they did it [the test] my blood work got better,” she said. “I probably shouldn’t be living right now because of that situation.”

Lapeyrouse with her first pregnancy i n 2006.

After the birth of her twins, she observed, “I just got bigger.”

A year later, Lapeyrouse said she was depressed about her weight, “still eating bad and not feeling very well.”

The turning point came when she went shopping for a dress for a Christmas party.

“My clothes didn’t fit anymore and I was tired all the time and depressed,” she said. “I was not loving myself, and trying to lose the weight with the kids was not very easy.

“Everything looked horrible. The dresses were pretty, but I made them horrible.”

By then, she weighed 298 pounds.

At that moment, she decided to start eating healthy, walking and lifting weights at home, as well as trying different diets and workouts, for about four years. Her husband and children were supportive, but her weight yo-yo’d by five to 10 pounds.

“I was getting aggravated,” Lapeyrouse said. “I was eating good and doing workouts, but couldn’t figure out why the rest of the weight wasn’t coming off.”

She’d managed to reach 250 pounds, which was about a year ago.

[pullquote]“It felt wonderful. My hard work was paying off and getting closer to where I wanted to be.”  — Kristy Lapeyrouse[/pullquote]

Then a friend told her about Anytime Fitness in Destrehan and its many programs.

“I went for a week free on a pass and I really enjoyed it,” Lapeyrouse said. “In the first three months, I didn’t lose anything but kept going five days a week. After three months working out at the gym, my weight started to fall off.”

She lost 10 pounds and then it got a little slower at three to four pounds off a month.

“It wasn’t a lot, but it was going down,” she said. “It felt wonderful. My hard work was paying off and getting closer to where I wanted to be.”

Kristy Lapeyrouse in 2010 at her baby shower for her twins.

The goal was to get under 200 pounds and although she’s not quite there yet, Lapeyrouse proudly observes, “I’m not where I was,” and that’s become her motto. Even now, her weight still yoyos because of fluids, but she welcomes it as a challenge to motivate her to work harder or eat better.

She also does spin class at the gym, as well as live and digital classes five days a week. She is consistent with going to the classes and it’s helping.

“It’s helping me lose the weight and tone the muscles, Lapeyrouse said. “I feel a lot more energy and I’m happy pretty much all the time, even though I’m not where I want to be I don’t let it get me down. I stay motivated.”

Lapeyrouse said it’s important not to put oneself down, and to join a gym and try different workouts. Spin class helps burn calories. She eats plant proteins, vegetables and chicken. Her superfood is spinach, and she has a “cheat day” where she rewards herself for her progress.

It’s also good to have three boys, particularly twins who keep an eagle eye on their mother. When they check on her, they say, “Mom, are you supposed to be eating that? They know what’s junk.”

Kristy Lapeyrouse weight history

  • Weight gain started with birth of her first son.
  • Her weight peaked at 298 pounds.
  • Self-discipline with eating right and exercising helped her to drop to about 250 pounds.
  • After joining Anytime Fitness, she dropped to around 230 pounds and feels she’s progressing to her goal of weighing less than 200 pounds.


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