Employee of the Year loves his work, fellow workers also honored

Randy Breaux Jr. loves his job, and it shows in his work ethic and eagerness to help his co-workers.It’s also why he was named this year’s Outstanding Employee of the Year for St. Charles Parish. Breaux was recognized among 90 employees for attendance and service at the parish’s 34th annual Civil Services Awards/Training Program held June 9.

“It was a shock,” said the Des Allemands man of the recognition. “There are so many other employees in the parish. It was just a shock to even be nominated.”

In his 13 years with the parish, Breaux, a wastewater technician II, has worked his entire time with the parish in the Wastewater Department. He started as a laborer and worked his way up to his current position that he readily acknowledges as his best job.

Breaux was described as a perfect example of someone who has worked hard to better both himself and his fellow workers.

“In addition to his daily duties, Randy assists his co-workers to prepare for testing for required certification,” said Personnel Officer Sandra Zimmer. “This is just one of the many selfless acts that I have been told about Randy and his willingness to help others.”

“I always help other people and strive to do my best – always,” Breaux said. “And I’ve always strived to help others to do their best.”

Working with an estimated 35 co-workers, he expressed gratitude to be able to work with people who more like family than fellow employees.

“We’re just a big ole happy family in the Wastewater Department,” he said. “We’re just joking around and all that.”

He added, “I just want to thank the parish for giving me the opportunity to get this job and thank my co-workers,” he said. “They helped me out. I want to thank the committee that voted me for this award.”

Other recipients of the parish’s service and attendance awards are:

Administration – service: Joan Diaz, Kevin Moore, Chris Tregre, all three five years each; Stephen Truitt, 15 years, and Robert Brown, 20 years.

Animal control – service: Leonie Agurcia, five years.

Community services – service: Jessica Decker, five years; Bonnie White and Sharon Wright, 10 years each.

Community services – attendance: Courtney Saucier, Shelia Toney, Katherine Williams and Sharon Wright.

Council – service: Nicole Breaux, 20 years, and Valarie Berthelot, 25 years.

Council – attendance:  Angela Gaubert.

Emergency preparedness – service: Lee Hebert, 10 years; Brandon Touchard, 15 years, and Laurie Dufrene, 25 years.

Emergency preparedness – attendance: John Sirmon Jr., Jason Tastet and Eric Zammit Jr.

Finance – service: Angie Sierra, five years.

Finance – attendance: Deborah Graff, Stacy Parker and Kristy Meyer.

Government buildings – service: Dalton Tregre, five years.

Government buildings – attendance: Dwayne Tregre.

Information technology – service: Abel Dufrene, 10 years.

Information technology – attendance: Erik Dufrene.

Parks & Recreation – service: Steve Zeringue, 20 years; Jeanne Arabie, 25 years, and Joseph Smith, 25 years.

Parks & Recreation – service: Jeanne Arabie, Rubbie Cotton, Erica Mire and Travis Ramos .

Planning and Zoning – service: Kenneth Lorio, 25 years; Wendy Watkins, 25 years, and Rhys Kinler, 30 years.

Planning and Zoning –attendance: Rhys Kinler, Kenneth Lorio, Earl Matherne Jr. and Marny Stein.

Personnel – service: Sandra Zimmer, 30 years.

Procurement – attendance: Jeanne Pierre-Johnson.

Public Works – service:  Carlton Bischoff,  Mark Edwards, John Fleming, Trevell Gordon, Frankie Harris, Randall Jones, Duffy Metrejean Jr., Nicolas Palmisano  and Silas Poteet III, all five years; Christopher Dufour, Robert Lay and Randy Rogers, all three at 15 years; Blake Chiasson, Cynthia Robert and Merrick Rousselle Jr., all three at 20 years, and Roland Champagne, 30 years.

Public works – attendance: Daniel Anderson, Trent Bonnette, Rennan Duffour, John Fleming, Kent Frickey, Michael Ford, Jack Landry, Silas Poteet III, Monique Robbins, Dylan Smith and Lawrence Zeringue.

RSVP – attendance: Kim Boudreaux.

Wastewater – service: Linton Bergeron, Ty Comardelle and Shelby Riley, all at five years, and Herman Cortez and Jacob Dufrene Sr. , both at 15 years.

Wastewater – attendance: Norman Griffin and Shawn Stinnett.

Wasterwater – service: Wesley Donnaud, Keith Gould, Hubbell Heltz and Richel Revader, all five years; Ellis Lemoine and Suzanne Porche, both at 15 years each; Carl Kinler, 20 years; and David Abadie, Ruben Bossier, Rusty Champagne, Jamie Hymel and Darren Territa, all at 25 years each.

Civil Service Board – service: Sara Champion, 25 years.


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