DHS student gets into movie making and becomes star of Marmalade Man

It’s doubtful “Marmalade Man 2” will ever come to a cinema near anyone, but the movie’s creator, John Frazier, doesn’t care because he’s having fun.

Frazier, a Destrehan High School student, made the short film last year as his school project, which got pretty popular among his classmates, he said.

“While a lot of people thought it was really funny, and I do think it is, I felt like it wasn’t what it could be,” he said.

It was the 16-year-old’s first film, which he did as part of his independent study at NOCCA. He needed a big project for the class so he tried his hand at filmmaking and this is where Marmalade Man was born.

The title seemed humourous to him, although Frazier mused he’s never once eaten marmalade.

The film features the character James Robin a.k.a. Marmalade Man (Judah Wolf) who defends the school against villain Real Worm (Frazier) and includes student Abby Johnson.

“I made it and I liked it so I wanted to continue,” said the DHS sophomore.

Frazier wrote the script, a  logical extension of what he likes to do – writing.

“I thought it would be funny to make a comedy and just kind of went with that,” he added.

Surprisingly, especially to Frazier, his little flick has gotten more than 700 views online, which has been cool when fellow students comment on the film.

Like so many directors,he  needs a budget for his bigger, better sequel so he started a GoFundMe account for $200 to raise money for the project. With the first film, they used school equipment and supplies.

“I was very much crunched for time and the finished product wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be,” he said. “So, I swore to never make a sequel. However, after a year of time to think about it, I’ve decided to make the long awaited sequel and spend the proper time to make it how it should be.”

Frazier went to work on the script “intensely” but funding the costumes and props has proven challenging so he’s gone to the public for help.

“Every donation will be greatly appreciated and will really help me in making something I’ll be really proud of, and, hopefully, would provide a suitable sequel for everyone who wanted one,” Frazier said. “Every donator who leaves their name will get a special thanks in the credits, and you’ll get to see how well everything turns out in the end.”

Marmalade’s friends will return, and more people will learn about Marmalade’s fight with Real Worm, but Frazier said the rest will remain a mystery until the sequel’s release.

Although he hopes for more funds, Frazier said he plans to start filming in about two weeks. How nice the costumes will be depends on his GoFundMe account, and he expects to be done by July.

And here’s a spoiler alert.

Frazier expects his film to be better than the first because they all have their own cameras this time and can go on location.


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